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Release Year - 1983
# 1
Bade gaur se sun raha tha zamana ... tum hi so gaye dastan kehte kehte
The world was listening very carefully ... you yourself slept while saying the story
# 2
Woh chalti toh zameen par hai ... lekin uske kadmo ke nishaan hamare dil par padte hai
Even though she walks on the ground ... but her footprints are created in my heart
# 3
Tum khud ek aaisi churi ho ... jiski dhaar par katne waala kat bhi jaye par uff na kare
You yourself are a knife ... on the edge of which a person being cut will get cut, but he won't say a thing
# 4
Ek hum hai joh dushman ke khoon se mohabbat karte hai ... aur ek tum ho joh apne hi khoon ke dushman ban gaye ho
I am one who loves the blood of my enemy ... and you are one who has become the enemy of your own blood
# 5
Ghodi aur jawan ladki ki lagaam zara kaske rakhni chahiye
You should have a strong hold on the rein of a mare and a young girl
# 6
Hum mein bhi aa padha hai doston se kaam kuch yaani ... hamare doston ke bewafaa hone ka waqt aaya
I need help from my friends ... hence the time has come for my friends to become unfaithful
# 7
Jin takleefon se log marte hai un takleefon ne hum mein paala hai ... humne maa ki godh mein nahi, chaku ki nok par parvarish payi hai
I have grown up with the pains that the people die with ... I have been nurtured under the tip of a knife and not in the lap of a mother
# 8
Khuda ke bhi ajeeb khel hai ... kahi bichadkar mil jaate hai, kahi milkar bichad jaate hai
The games of god are strange ... some people meet after being separated, and some people separate after meeting
# 9
Tumhari zindagi chaku ke dhaar se khelti hai ... aur tumhare pankh gundagardi ke dal-dal mein dhasse hai ... jitna nikalne ki koshish karoge, utna hi dhasste jaoge
Your life plays with the edge of a knife ... and your wings are stuck in the bog of crime ... the more you try to come out of it, the more you'll get pulled in
# 10
Husn ka raaz zamane se chupaye rakhiye ... dil mein jalta hua ek shola dabaye rakhiye
Keep hiding the secret of your beauty from the world ... keep the burning fire withheld in your heart
# 11
Tumhe toh woh takleefen deke maaronga ... jinke bare mein tumne na kabhi kitaabon mein padha hoga ... na kahaniyon mein suna hoga
I'll kill you giving such pains ... which you haven't even read about them in books ... and neither heard about them in stories
# 12
Hamare khoon ka katra katra aapke namak ka ehsaanmand hai
Every drop of my blood is indebted to your work
# 13
Jaise ki rahi bina rasta suna, sindoor bina maang suni, aur pyar bina jeevan suna hota hai ... vaise hi seeshay ke bina khidki suni hoti hai
Just like the path is lonely without a traveller, the hair parting is lonely without vermilion, and life is lonely without love ... just like that without a mirror a window is lonely
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