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War & Battle

War & Battle Dialogues

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# 1
Kya hai mrityu ... hamare haathon se shatru ka mar jaana yeh sochna hai mrityu ... ranbhoomi mein shatru se bhaybheet hokar jeevat rehna hai mrityu?
What is death ... is death a thought that the enemy should die from our hands ... or is death to stay alive in the battlefield being scared of the enemy?
# 2
Is ladai mein yah toh hamari poori jeet hogi ... yah poori haar
In this battle we will either win completely ... or lose completely
# 3
Khel ke maidan mein jeetna bhi koi jeetna hai ... asli jeetna toh jung ke maidan mein hota hai ... us samay maaro ya maare jao
To win in the field of a sport is not that great ... real victory happens on the battlefield ... and at that time you kill or be killed
# 4
Yeh duniya pyar ki sirf baatein karti hai ... chalti jung pe hai
This world only talks about love ... it runs on war
# 5
Har jung border par nahi hoti
Not every war happens on the border
# 6
The more you sweat in peace ... the less you bleed in war
The more you sweat in peace ... the less you bleed in war
# 7
Ladai goliyo se nahin ... dil se jeeti jaati hai
A war is not won by bullets ... it is won by the heart
# 8
Marathaon ke paas dushman jitni daulat ho na ho ... yudh mein bahane ke liye khoon kayi zyada hai
Even if Maharashtrian's don't have as much money as their enemies ... but they still have more blood to shed in battles
# 9
Jab jab adharm ka sar uthta hai ... tab tab dharm devta ka paon usse kuchal deta hai ... jab jab Ravan pehda hota hai ... Ram ko janam lena hi padta hai ... jab bhi Kaurav atyachar karenge ... Pandav unhe nasht kar denge ... yahi yudh dharm hai, yahi jeevan karam hai
Whenever unrighteousness has raised its head ... then the leg of the god of righteousness smashes it ... whenever Ravana is born ... then Lord Ram has to take birth ... whenever the Kaurava's will do injustice ... then the Pandava's will destroy them ... this is the righteous nature of war, this is the graceful nature of life
# 10
Yudh mein saikadon ko maarne waala nayak hai ... lekin joh kisi ek ke bhi pran bachaye woh devta hai
The one who kills many in a war is a hero ... but the one who saves even one life is god
# 11
Jung mein pyar nahi hota ... lekin pyar mein jung hua karti hai
There can be no love in war ... but there can be a war in love
# 12
Ladaiyan sasti nahi hoti ... aur agar sasti hoti toh har koi nahi ladh leta
Battles are not cheap ... if they were cheap then everyone would fight
# 13
Joh jung aadmi teer aur talwar se nahi jeet pata ... aurat us jung ko apne aasoonyon se jeet leti hai
The war that a man cannot win with arrows and swords ... a woman can win that war with her tears
# 14
Yeh azaadi ki ladai mere mar jaane se khatam nahi hogi ... yeh ladai toh mere mar jaane ke baad shuru hogi ... aur us waqt tak ladi jaati rahegi jab tak yeh Bharat maa ke bichade hue bachche maa ki ghod mein vapas nahi chale jaate
This battle of independence won't end after I die ... this battle will start after I die ... and it will go on until these separated children of India don't return into the lap of their mother
# 15
Har yudh ka nateeja talwaron se nahi hota ... talwar se zyada dhaar chalane waale ki soch mein honi chahiye
Every war is not decided with swords ... the thinking of a fighter must be more sharp than the sharpness of the sword
# 16
Nyay aur dharam ke liye yudh karna hinsa nahi ... veerta hai
To battle for justice and your duty is not violence ... it is courageous
# 17
Bheek mein mile desh aur daan mein mile hathyaron ke dum par itna bhaunkna theek nahi
It is not good to bark a lot on the basis of a country that you got by begging and weapons that you got by charity
# 18
Everything is fair and love is war
Everything is fair and love is war
# 19
Yudh ka ek hi niyam hota hai ... vijay!
War has only one rule ... victory!
# 20
Jung ki sabse azeem khubi ... bina shamsheer aazmaye dushman ki deewar gira dene mein hai
The best part of war is when ... you break the walls of the enemy without lifting a sword
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