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Sunny Deol

# 1

Jhoot aur fareb se joh jitni bhi oonchai pe khada hota hai ... usse ek din utna hi neeche dekhna padta hai

When you stand at great heights using lies and cheats ... then one day you have to look down that far from those heights
# 2

Mard marta hai toh apni aankhen tirange ki taraf karke marta hai ... aur yeh sochta hai ki phir se is desh ke liye kab pehda hoon

When a man is dying he turns his eyes towards the country flag ... and thinks when can he be born again for this country
# 3

Hamara Hindustan zindabad tha, zindabad hai, aur zindabad rahega!

Our Hindustan has lived long, is living long, and will live long!
# 4

Bali hamesha bakre ki di jaati hai ... sher ki nahi

A sacrifice is always given of a goat ... not of a tiger
# 5

Marte hue ko kabhi rokne ka nahi ... dushman galati kare toh tokne ka nahi ... aur yaar ki item ko kabhi chune ka nahi

You should never stop a person who is dying ... don't kill when an enemy commits a mistake ... and never touch a friend's girlfriend
# 6

In haathon ne sirf hathyaar chhode hai ... chalana nahi bhoole

These hands have only left the weapons ... they have not forgotton using them
# 7

Chahe hum mein ek waqt ki roti na mile, badan pe kapde na ho, sarr pe chatt na ho ... lekin jab desh ki aan ki baat aati hai ... tab hum jaan ki baazi laga dete hai

Even if we don't get a one time meal, even if we don't have clothes on our body, even if we don't have a roof on our head ... but when it comes to the pride of our country ... then we put our lives forward for it
# 8

No if no but ... sirf jatt!

No if no but ... only Punjabi!
# 9

Tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh milti rahi hai ... lekin insaaf nahi mila my lord, insaaf nahi mila ... mili hai toh sirf yeh tarikh

Date on date, date on date, date on date, we have got date on date ... but we haven't received justice my lord, no justice ... all we have got is this date
# 10

Mard banne ka itna shauk hai ... toh kutto ka sahara lena chhod de

If you so want to be a man ... then stop taking support from dogs
# 11

Agar main apne biwi bachchon ke liye sar jhuka sakta hoon ... toh main sabke sar kaat bhi sakta hoon

If I can bow down my head for my wife and son ... then I can also cut everyone's head
# 12

Darakar logon ko woh jeeta hai ... jiski haddiyon mein pani bhara hota hai

One who lives by scaring people ... has water filled in his bones
# 13

Ek kagaz par mohor nahi lagegi ... toh kya Tara Pakistan nahi jayega?

If one paper doesn't get stamped ... then Tara won't go to Pakistan?
# 14

Barsaat se bachne ki haisiyat nahin ... aur goli baari ki baat kar rahe hai aap log

You don't have the capacity to save yourself from the rain ... and you're talking about firing bullets
# 15

Jakh marti hai police, utaar kar phenk do yeh vardi aur pehan lo Balwant Rai ka patta apne gale mein ... you bastards

Police is a waste, take out and throw the uniform, and wear Balwant Rai's leash in your neck ... you bastards
# 16

Jab yeh dhai kilo ka haath kisi pe padta hai na ... toh aadmi uthta nahi ... utth jata hai

When this two and half kg hand will fall on someone ... then he won't get up ... he will go straight up
# 17

Aaise khilone bazaar mein bahut bikte hai ... magar isse khelne ke liye joh jigar chahiye na ... woh duniya ke kisi bazaar mein nahi bikta ... mard usse lekar pehda hota hai

Toys like this sell a lot in the market ... but the courage that you need to play with them ... is not sold in any market of this world ... a man is born with that
# 18

Pinjare mein aakar sher bhi kutta ban jaata hai

Inside a cage even a tiger becomes a dog
# 19

Yeh mazdoor ka haath hai ... loha piglakar uska aakar badal deta hai

This is a hand of a laborer ... it melts iron and changes its shape
# 20

Maidan mein khule sher ka samna karoge ... tumhare mard hone ki galatphami door ho jayegi

If you confront a free tiger in a ground ... your mistake of believing that you are a man will be corrected
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