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Heer Raanjha

Release Year - 1970
# 1

Basakar dilon ko mittati hai duniya ... hasakar hamesha rulati hai duniya

The world settles the hearts and then erases them ... the world always makes you laugh and then cry
# 2

Tune sab paaya hai, aashiq ki nazar paayi nahi ... jabse dekha tujhko duniya ki taraf dekha nahi ... jabse chaha tujhko apni yaad bhi aayi nahi ... tukhjo paana zindagi hai, tujhko khona maut hai ... aur kuch iske sivah mere fasaane mein nahi ... maang loonga mein khuda se yah chura loonga tujhe ... tujhsa moti doosra uske khazane mein nahi

You have everything, but not the eyes of a lover ... since I have seen you, I haven't looked at the world ... since I have loved you, I haven't thought about myself ... achieving you is life, and losing you is death ... and there is nothing to my story other than this ... I will ask you from God or else I will steal you ... and God doesn't have a pearl other than you in his treasure
# 3

Laila ke aangan mein joh bhangra ho gaya ... Majnu naacha aur yoon naacha ke langda ho gaya

When people were dancing in Laila's courtyard ... Majnu danced like crazy and he became lame
# 4

Kya milega bhala rulaake mujhe ... paoge kya jala jalake mujhe

What will you get from making me cry ... what will you achieve from burning me
# 5

Yun toh duniya ne bhi teer maare bahut ... yaad aayenge ehsaan tumhare bahut

So what if the world has fired many arrows ... but I will remember your favours a lot
# 6

Khuchal doonga, masal doonga, jala doonga, loota doonga ... rulaya mujhko kismat ne ... main duniya ko rula doonga

I will smash you, crush you, burn you, destroy you ... destiny has made me cry ... I will make the world cry
# 7

Chedke dil ke tootte taaron ko, ab tum uski sadaa se darte ho ... khud hi toofan uthaye hai tumne, aur khud hi hawa se darte ho

After teasing the broken strings of my heart, you are now scared of God ... you have awakened the storm yourself, and you yourself are scared of the wind
# 8

Tere zakhm meri tadap se harre hai ... meri aankh mein tere aasoon bhare hai

Your wounds are fresh from my weltering ... and my eyes are filled with your tears
# 9

Dhongi shaadi ka tumne rachaya fisool ... na kiya na karoongi yeh rishta kabool

You guys unnecessarily fixed this marriage ... because neither have I and nor will I accept this relation
# 10

Sab apni soochte hai, sabko dhyan hai apna ... yahi hai rang toh poora na hoga ek sapna

Everyone thinks about themselves, everyone is looking after them ... if these are the colours, then not even a single dream will get fulfilled
# 11

Layega mere dil ki tadap, koi kahan se ... sunna hai mera haal, sunno meri zabaan se

Where will anyone get the torment that I have in my heart ... if you want to hear about my condition, then listen through my words
# 12

Kyun matakti hai bahut ... aaj tanhayi khatakti hai bahut

Why do you show so much style ... today I am feeling very lonely
# 13

Kaunsi gutthi hai woh joh humne suljahi nahi ... aaisi fariyaad aaj tak darbar mein aayi nahi

There is no puzzle that I haven't solved ... no plea like that has come till date in my court
# 14

Tu jab aa jaati hai paas ... bhook mar jaati hai, jaag uthti hai pyaas

When you come near me ... my hunger dies, and my thirst rises
# 15

Ishq jis mein basa nahi rehta ... aaise dil mein khuda nahi rehta

A person who doesn't have love within them ... God doesn't live in that heart
# 16

Zara yeh raat dhalne de, nasha tera utaroonga ... jawaani bhool jaye ishq, tujhko aaise maroonga ... andhere mein agar maara toh kehlaonga main buzdil ... tadap le raat bhar, pehli kiran hogi teri kaatil

Let this night pass by, I will get your intoxication down ... I will hit such that your youth will forget to love ... if I hit you in the dark then I will be called a coward ... so suffer the night, because the first ray of sunlight will kill you
# 17

Usse kehna ke tum mera ek khwab ho, joh chamakta hai dil mein woh mahatab ho ... usse kehna ke gehuyon ke kheton ka rang, tilmilati hui titliyon ki umang ... usse kehna ke jharnon ka chanchal shabaab, ghat ki taazgi, aabroo-e-janab ... usse kehna ke jhoolon ki angdaiyan aur udhte dupatton ki shenaiyan ... usse kehna ki chakki ke geeton ki aag, ladkhadati jawaani, machalta suhaag ... usse kehna ke dulhanon ke kajal ki pyaas, pehle bhose ki garm aur thandi mithaas ... itni ranginiyon ko jab ikhja kiya, Heer kudrat ne tab tujhko pehda kiya

Tell her that she is a dream of mine, she is the moonlight shining in my heart ... tell her that the colour in the wheat fields, the impulse in the butterflies flying around ... tell her that the nimble youth of the waterfalls, the freshness of the mountains, the honour ... tell her that stretching of the swings and the tune of the flying scarves ... tell her that the fire from the music of the mill, wavering youth, playful wedding ... tell her that the thirst of the kohl of the bride, the hot and cold sweetness of the first rain ... when all of these colourful things were collected, then God made you Heer
# 18

Sharmati hai kyun aaj meri baahon mein aake ... le jaonga ek din tujhe doli mein bithake

Why are you feeling shy today in my arms ... one day I will take you away in a palanquin
# 19

Kya khadi baatein banati hai ... khuda ka khauf kar, kyun aag is ghar mein lagati hai ... zara soorat toh dekh apni, tujhe Raanjha satayega ... tu jis raste se guzregi, woh us raste na jayega

Don't stand and lie ... why are you starting a fire in this house, be scared of God ... have you seen your face, why will Raanjha trouble you ... infact the path that you take, he won't come on that path
# 20

Doli se main jab utroongi hairan na hona ... mar jaon khushi se toh pareshan na hona

Don't be surprised when I get down from the palanquin ... and don't be troubled if I die with happiness
# 21

Meri subahon ko roshni dedo ... meri shaamon ko chandni dedo ... mujhko tum meri zindagi dedo

Give sunlight to my mornings ... give moonlight to my evenings ... and you give me my life
# 22

Haqeeqat khul gayi teri ki tu kaisa gavala hai ... kamine dushmano ke gaon ka tu rehne waala hai

The reality of what kind of a cattleman you are is out ... bloody you are a resident of the enemies village
# 23

Koi ladki dabaav mein aake, darke, majboor hoke, ghabrake agar hui ho nikaah par raazi ... shaadi jayaz nahi hai woh qazi

If a girl under pressure, scared, under compulsion, frightened has agreed to get married ... then that marriage is not judged as a valid one
# 24

Mohabbat ka tamasha ishq ki taseer dekhoge ... mere seene mein dil mein Heer ki tasveer dekhoge

You will see the entertainment and effect of love ... you will see Heer's picture in my heart
# 25

Milke tanhai ka ehsaas usne doona kar diya ... dil kiya aabad kuch aaise, ki soona kar diya

She eliminated the feeling of loneliness when I met her ... she made my heart prosper such that, it now is empty
# 26

Doori kabhi palbhar ko gawara na karenge ... agar jee na sake saath toh hum saath marenge

I will not tolerate separation even for a moment ... if we are not able to live together then we will die together
# 27

Humse na kar mastiyan, mar gayi kya teri bhabhiyan ... ek do bhi nahi aath hai, tabhi toh iske yeh thaat hai

Don't play around with us, where are your sister-in-laws ... not one or two he has eight, and thats why you are behaving like this
# 28

Jhoot ki boo tumhari baat mein hai ... lao koi gawah saath mein hai?

There is a smell of lying in your words ... do you have any witnesses with you?
# 29

Meri nazar ne husn ka jadoo jaga diya ... tujhko sajaake aur bhi katil bana diya

My sight has awakened the magic of the body ... and by decorating you it has made you more beautiful
# 30

Chandni aanchal mein bhar layi hai tu ... raat yeh chamki hai jab aayi hai tu

You have brought the moonlight in your cape ... the night has started shining since you came
# 31

Baarat mein halki si jhalak apni dikhake ... chhoda mujhe is husn ne deewana banake ... doori na hui dil ko kisi tarah gawara ... chhod aaya hamesha ke liye takht hazara

You showed me your presence with a small glimpse in the procession ... and you left me crazy about your body ... this distance is not acceptable to my heart ... and that is why I left my throne and came here
# 32

Chand ubharta hua, bujhte huye chehre dekho ... chandni chhitki hai, cha jaye andhera jaise ... is tarah tootkar bhikre hai zameen par sapne ... lut gaya ho kisi baraat ka dera jaise

Look at the rising moon and the setting faces ... the moonlight sparkles, and it is dark ... the dreams are broken and lying on the floor ... as if the group of a procession has been stolen
# 33

Makkhiyan behte na kyun kabar pe saudai ki ... uski mashooq thi beti kisi halwai ki

Why are the mosquitoes sitting on the grave of a rogue person ... because his girlfriend was a daughter of a sweet maker
# 34

Kismat hai ki zinda bach gaye pyare ... na jaane dakuyon ne is jagah kitne jawaan maare

My friend you are lucky to be alive ... otherwise who knows how many men have been killed here by the bandits
# 35

Sui aur wagi lo aur pyar ke dhaage ... seeyo kapde pehenke jinko jadoo jism ka jaage

Take a needle and the thread of love ... and stitch clothes which on wearing awakens the magic of the body
# 36

Jism-e-nazuk mein jaan khuda ki hai, mooh ke andhar zubaan khuda ki hai ... jab bhi bologe sach hi bologe, varna hargiz zubaan nahi khologe

God is living in your soft body, the words in your mouth are from God ... he will say the truth whenever he speaks, or else definitely he won't say anything
# 37

Ishq se joh bacha nahi rehta ... woh kisi kaam ka nahi rehta

One who can't escape love ... is left of no use
# 38

Hum mein lagi hai joh thokar, tu muskurata hai ... yeh waqt woh hai, ki dushman bhi raham khata hai

I am hurt and you are smiling ... during this time even the enemy shows mercy
# 39

Sochne ke waqt kahan, yeh koi aur gul khilayegi ... baat jungle ki aag hoti hai, lakh rokoge phail jayegi

Where is the time to think, she will do something crazy ... news is like the fire in the jungle, it will spread no matter how much you try to stop it
# 40

Raah ke kaanton se bhi ab ishq ghabrata nahi ... kya qayamat hai kahin dil ko karaar aata nahi

Love is not scared from the thorns on the road ... what a disaster this is, that the heart is not at peace
# 41

Jawaani ek din humpar bhi aayi thi ... kisi se pooch le, us waqt bhi mehnat ki khai thi

The youth was with us also one day ... and ask anyone, at that time also I had earned everything with hard work
# 42

Gazab ki maang hoti hai joh dil ko maang leti hai ... ek aaisi taang hoti hai joh dil ko taang deti hai

The demand that demands for the heart is amazing ... it is like a leg that keeps the person hanging
# 43

Tu kya bolega deewane ... hamare ghar mein pehda ho gaya tu kaise, kya jaane

What will you say my son ... how the hell were you born in our house, who knows
# 44

Koi mujhpar taras nahi khaata, koi patthar pighal nahi paata ... koi sunta nahi meri fariyaad, ek main aur saikadon jallad

No one shows sympathy on me, no stone can melt ... no one listens to my plea, there are so many executioners and I am alone
# 45

Na tumko fikar, na bhai ko gham gharane ka ... khayal aaya kabhi mera ghar basaane ka ... diya kahin mera pehghaam, tumne cheddi baat ... zara bhi ki kabhi koshish, sajje meri baraat

You are not concerned and neither is my brother worried about the house ... have you ever thought about getting me settled ... have you ever given my message to anyone or spoken about me ... have you ever even tried a little bit, so that I could get married
# 46

Tumne sar par isse chadaya tha, tumne itna kiya hai isko kharab ... tumhi har baat iski sunte the, tumhi dena biradari ko jawab

You have given her all the freedom, you have spoilt her ... you listened to everything she said, now you reply to the community
# 47

Shaadi ki tamanna thi kunware chale aaye ... jaise gaye vaise hi bechare chale aaye

He wanted to get marriage but arrived as a bachelor ... the way he went, was the way he came back
# 48

Ek umeed kahi rang se lehrai hai ... dil mein aayi hai toh duniya mein bahaar aayi hai

One hope is flowing with many colours ... spring has arrived in the world since you have come in my heart
# 49

Jaise taise taalo isse ... lula landa jahan koi mil jaaye haath peele karo, nikalo isse

Ignore her in anyway ... whoever you find lame or crippled, get her married to him and throw her out
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