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Bipasha Basu

# 1
Kabse is pyasi zameen pe barish ki ek boond tak nahi giri ... par aaj yahan toofan aayega
It's been a while since a single drop of rainfall has fallen on this thirsty land ... but today a storm will come here
# 2
Kaam kaam kaam ... subah dophar shaam
Work work work ... morning afternoon evening
# 3
Meri zindagi, meri khushiyan sab mera career hai
My life, my happiness is my career
# 4
Koi kisi ke kitne kareeb hota hai ... is baat ka ehsaas tab hota hai ... jab woh usse door ho
How close you are to someone ... you only realize that point ... when you are far away from that person
# 5
Yeh jism pyar karna nahi jaanta ... yeh jaanta hai sirf bhookh ... jism ki bhookh
This body does not know how to love ... it only knows hunger ... the hunger of body
# 6
Meri tarah tumhe koi pyar nahi kar sakta ... aur yeh baat main jitni baar bhi kahoon kam hai
No one can love you like me ... and no matter how many times I say that, it's less
# 7
Aaj ki raat tarasne ki nahi, barasne ki raat hai
Tonight is not the night to yearn, it is the night to pour
# 8
Meri toh har raat suhaag raat hoti hai
Every night of mine is a nuptial night
# 9
Meri zindagi mein koi aur aa gaya hai ... ek sailaab, ek toofan ki tarah aur baha le gaya mujhe
Someone else has come in my life ... like a flood, like a storm and he has taken me away
# 10
Insaan aur goli ki race mein ... jeet hamesha goli ki hoti hai
In a race between a human and a bullet ... the bullet always wins
# 11
Himmat bandook uthake trigger dabane ke liye nahi ... himmat bandook phekne ke liye chahiye
Courage is not needed to lift the gun and press the trigger ... courage is needed to throw away the gun
# 12
Agar toofan ka raasta badalna mushkil ho jaye ... toh apna raasta badal lena chahiye
If it gets difficult to change the path of the storm ... then one must change their path
# 13
Faasla shiddat-e-ehsaas se kam hota hai ... ek zara haath bada do toh chu loon tumhe
The distance is less than the intensity of feelings ... give me your hand so that I can touch you
# 14
Kuch baatein kuch kho kar hi samajhi jaati hai
Some things are understood only after you lose something
# 15
Kissing ka best part kiss hone se theek ek pal pehle ka hota hai ... jab pata nahin ki kiss hogi yah nahin ... kiss hogi toh kaisi hogi
The best part of kissing is the moment right before the kiss ... when you don't know if the kiss will happen or not ... and if it happens then how will the kiss be
# 16
Ateet hamare bas mein nahi hota hai ... na hi bhavishya hamare kabze mein hota hai ... toh uske baare mein soch ke kya fayda? ... sirf ek cheez par hamara control hota hai ... woh hai aaj, yeh pal joh hamara hai
The past is not within our control ... and neither do we have any control of the future ... then what is the use to think about it? ... there is only thing that we have control on ... and that is the present, this moment which is ours
# 17
Pyar sirf ek baar kiya ja sakta hai ... aur uske liye har kisi ko aazmane ki koi zaroorat nahi hoti ... sirf dil ki awaaz sunni hoti hai
You can only fall in love once ... and for that you don't need to try everyone ... you just have to listen to the voice of your heart
# 18
Duniya mein koi bhi gunaah itna bada nahi hota ki shama ke layak na ho ... aur na hi koi gunaah itna chota hai, ki usse nazarandaz kiya jaye
No crime in this world is so big that it cannot be forgiven ... and neither is any crime so small that it can be ignored
# 19
Auratein apne pati ko apna bhagwan maanti hai ... aur main woh khushnaseeb hoon joh apne bhagwan ko apna pati banane ja rahi hoon
Women consider their husband as their god ... and I am that lucky person who is going to make her god as her husband
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