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Release Year - 2017
# 1
Agar roze nahi rakhe ... toh phir Eid ka kya maza
If you don't fast ... then there's no fun in celebrating Eid
# 2
Ab yeh bhi koi kahani hai ... chalo kahani badlate hai ... raja badalte hai ... rani badalte hai ... pyar ka andaz badlate hai ... kal joh adhoora tha aaj badalte hai ... phir sadiyon tak log kahenge ... ek tha raja, ek thi rani, dono mare gaye khatam kahani
This is not a story at all ... let's change the story ... let's change the king ... let's change the queen ... let's change the style of love ... today let's change what was incomplete yesterday ... then people will say this for years to come ... there was a king, there was a queen, they both died and the story ends here
# 3
Main na ek bahut achhe ghar ka shareef launda hoon ... lekin mujhe tujhe aise dekh ke na woh dirty wale ashleel khayal aate hai
I'm a nice guy from a very good family ... but I get naughty and dirty thoughts when I see you in this way
# 4
Mujhe aise mat dekh ... main koi khaane ki cheez nahi hoon ... (toh phir kya hai?) ... hamesha hamesha ke liye paas rakhne ki cheez hoon
Don't look at me like this ... I'm not something to be eaten ... (then what are you?) ... I'm something to be kept forever
# 5
Aasman pe utha sailaab ... chand jale joh aftab ... aag ke dariye mein doobke joh na huye paar ... ek saans reh jayegi udhaar
There's a flood in the sky ... a light emerges when the moon shines ... those who didn't drown in the sea of fire ... one breath of theirs is in debt
# 6
Ek tha raja ek thi rani ... dono mar gaye khatam kahani ... main drink la raha hoon ... tu la thanda pani
There was a king and a queen ... both of them died and hence the story ended ... I'm getting the drink ... you get cold water
# 7
Tann lade toh tann mukk jaaye ... rooh jude toh judi reh jaaye
When only the bodies connect, they wither and die ... when the souls connect, they remain connected for eternity
# 8
Ladkiyon ko bangla chahiye ... kangla nahi
Girls needs a bungalow ... and not a bankrupt person
# 9
Jung sirf ladi nahi jaati ... kheli bhi jaati hai
A war is not only fought ... it's played as well
# 10
Ladkiyan na hero se nahi ... heere se pyar karti hai
Girls don't love a hero ... they love a diamond like person
# 11
Kudrat phir daudayegi yeh kahani ... aaj ishq ke khoon se mila hai pani
Nature will repeat this story once again ... today water has mixed with the blood of love
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