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Jimmy Shergill

# 1

Aapko pata hai mard zyada gaaliyan kyun dete hai? ... kyun ki woh rote kum hai

Do you know why men curse a lot? ... because they cry very less
# 2

Joh desh ke liye ladte hai ... unki maut ka countdown unki pehli saans ke saath shuru ho jaata hai

Those who fight for their country ... the countdown of their death starts with their first breath
# 3

In aankhon mein gaur se dekh ... na toh in mein marne gham hai, na maut ka khauff ... sirf garv hai

Look properly in these eyes ... neither there is the sorrow of dying, nor there is the fear of death ... there is only pride in it
# 4

Bahut sasti ho chuki ho tum ... tumhe dene ke liye hamare paas chillar bhi nahin hai

You have become very cheap ... I don't even have lose change to give you
# 5

Tumhe dekhkar badtameezi karne ko kyun jee karta hai

Why is that after seeing you I feel like being ill-mannered
# 6

Hamara itihaas hai aur hum kal bhi itihaas banayenge

Our history is there and tomorrow also we will create history
# 7

Terrorism ke business mein recession nahi hota

In the business of terrorism there is no recession
# 8

Zindagi ke bade bade faisle in choti choti baaton se nahi liye jaate

The big decisions of life should never be taken with these small things
# 9

Mujhe joh karna hai woh main akele nahi kar sakta ... mujhe woh maa chahiye joh mere sar par haath rakhkar kahe ... haan beta tu sahi hai, main tere saath hoon

The thing that I want to do, I can't do it alone ... I need that mother who will keep her hand on my head and say that ... you are right my son, I am with you
# 10

Hum tumhari jaan lenge aur bahut shaan se lenge

I will kill you and with a lot of style
# 11

Idhar aa raqeeb mere tujhe main gale se laga loon ... mera ishq bemazaa tha teri dushmani se pehle

Come here my rival so that I can give you a hug ... since my love was no fun before your enmity
# 12

Insaaf hum mein tabhi milega ... jab hum na tootenge aur na bikenge

We will only get justice ... if we don't break and neither do we get sold
# 13

Joh cheez bikau na ho aap sirf uska daam laga sakte hai ... uski keemat nahi chuka sakte

You can only put a value on something that is not up for sale ... you can't pay its price
# 14

Yeh joh kambakht mohabbat hai na, kabhi kabhi bahut najayaz sharton pe hoti hai

Love unfortunately, at times happens on very illegitimate conditions
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