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Friendship Dialogues

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# 1
Jab Rajeshwar dosti nibhata hai, toh afsaane likhe jaate hai ... aur jab dushmani karta hai, toh tarikh ban jaati hai
When Rajeshwar fulfills his friendship, then stories are written ... and when he makes an enemy, they become a past date
# 2
Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai ... lekin dost first aa jaye toh zyada dukh hota hai
It feels bad when a friend fails ... but it feels even worse when he comes first
# 3
Pyar dosti hai ... agar woh meri sab se achchi dost nahin ban sakti, to main usse kabhi pyar kar hi nahi sakta ... kyun ki dosti bina toh pyar hota hi nahin ... simple, pyar dosti hai
Love is friendship ... if she canít be my best friend, then I cannot fall in love with her ... because love cannot happen without friendship ... simple, love is friendship
# 4
Joh dost kamine nahi hote ... woh kamine dost nahi hote
Friends that are not scoundrels ... those scoundrels are not friends
# 5
Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost
Movie is still not over my friend
# 6
Hum dono bachpan ke woh langotiye dost nahi hai ... hum toh tab ke dost hai jab hum langoti bhi nahi pehente the
We are not childhood friends ... we are friends from the days when we never even wore a nappy
# 7
Jab dost banake kaam ho sakta hai ... toh phir dushman kyun banaye?
When we can get the work done as friends ... then why should we make enemies?
# 8
Apna ussool kehta hai ... agar fayda ho toh jhoot ko sach maan lo ... dushman ko dost bana lo
My rule says that ... if you see the benefit, then treat the lie as the truth ... and make the enemy your friend
# 9
Dushman se agar fayda ho ... toh usko apna dost banalo
If you see any benefit from the enemy ... then make him your friend
# 10
Mujh jaise dost baat maar sakte hai ... magar kabhi laat nahi maar sakte
Friends like me can hit you with the words ... but not with the leg
# 11
Pyar agar pant hai toh dosti chaddi hai ... pant agar phat bhi jaye toh chaddi izzat bachati hai
If love is the pant then friendship is the underwear ... even if the pant rips off then the underwear saves the humiliation
# 12
Offers of the day ... close-up toothpaste ke saath 25% free ... cornflakes ke saath random sa plastic khilona free ... A,B ke saath C free ... politician ke saath scam free ... municipality ke saath corruption free ... Mumbai ke saath pollution free ... is friend request ke saath fraaandship free
Offers of the day ... with a close-up toothpaste get 25% free ... with cornflakes get a random plastic toy free ... with A, B get C free ... with a politician get a scam free ... with municipality get corruption free ... with Mumbai get pollution free ... and with this friend request get friendship free
# 13
Dosti ka koi mazhab nahi hota
Friendship has no religion
# 14
Sachche dost aasoon ki tarah hote hai ... yahan dil udaas hua ... wahan woh aa gaye
True friends are like tears ... here the heart becomes sad ... and there they come along
# 15
Hero kya hota hai? ... pyar ke liye ladne waala, dosti ke liye marne waala ... kismat se fakeer par himmat se bhara hua ... sharif aadmi
What is a hero? ... one who fights for love, one who dies for friendship ... a holy man by fate but full of courage ... and a honest man
# 16
Pyar mein junoon hai par dosti mein sukoon hai
There is passion in love but there is peace in friendship
# 17
Mujhe tumse tumhari cash value ke liye nahi tumhari apni value ke liye shaadi karni hai ... tumhari friendship ki value, tumhari beauty ki value, tumhari hassi ki value
I want to marry you not for your cash value, but for your own value ... for the value of your friendship, for the value of your beauty, for the value of your laughter
# 18
Raah chalte buddu banate hai dost ... cold drink bolke daru pilate hai dost ... girlfriend bolke auntyon se milwaate hai dost ... kitne bhi kamine ho, par yaad bahut aate hai dost
Friends make fun of you anytime ... friends make you drink alcohol saying it's a cold drink ... friends make you meet with aunties saying she is their girlfriend ... but no matter how bad they are, you remember them a lot
# 19
Dosti ke alava bhi kuch rishtey hote hai ... kuch rishtey joh hum samajhte nahi ... kuch rishtey joh hum samajhna nahi chahte ... kuch rishtey jinka koi naam nahi hota, sirf ehsaas hota hai ... kuch rishtey jinki koi deewar nahi hoti, sarhad nahi hoti ... aaise rishtey joh dil ke rishtey hote hai, pyar ke rishtey hote hai, mohabbat ke rishtey hote hai
There are some relations other than friendship ... some relations that we understand ... some relations that we don't want to understand ... some relations that don't have a name, they just have a feeling ... some relations that don't have a wall, don't have a boundary ... the relations that are of the heart, the relations that are of love, the relations that are of the romance
# 20
Apni dosti tire aur tube jaisi hai ... hawa teri nikalti hai aur bahet main jaata hoon
Our friendship is like tire and tube ... your air goes away and I stop down
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