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Marriage & Wedding

Marriage & Wedding Dialogues

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# 1
Aag joh dil mein lagi hai, usse duniya mein laga doonga main ... joh teri doli uthi, zamaane ko jalaa doonga main
The fire that is burning in my heart, I will spread that in the world ... if you get married, I will burn the era
# 2
Love marriage mein aadmi khud apni marzi se kuaye ke andhar jaata hai ... arranged marriage mein aadmi ka pura khandaan usko kuaye ke andhar dhakel deta hai ... lekin jaata toh kuaye mein hi hai
In love marriage a man goes into the well at his own wish ... in arranged marriage the man's full family throws him into the well ... but no matter what the man goes in the well
# 3
Har shayara ko shaadi kar leni chahiye ... shohar achcha mile toh zindagi achchi kat jaati hai ... na mile toh shayari achchi ho hi jaati hai
Every poetess should get married ... if you get a good husband then life is well spent ... if not, then atleast your poetry improves
# 4
Bahut goor raha hai ... kya behen ki shaadi karayega muhjse?
You are staring a lot ... do you want to wed your sister with me?
# 5
Shaadi is dal chawal for pachaas saal till you die ... arre life mein thoda bahut keema pav, tangdi kabab, hakka noodle bhi hona chahiye nah?
Marriage is lentil rice for 50 years till you die ... there should be a little bit of minced mutton with bread, chicken drumsticks and hakka noodles in life, right?
# 6
Waqt pe shaadi na karo ... toh aadmi bahek hi jaata hai
If you don't get married in time ... then a man gets wandered
# 7
Mujhe tumse tumhari cash value ke liye nahi tumhari apni value ke liye shaadi karni hai ... tumhari friendship ki value, tumhari beauty ki value, tumhari hassi ki value
I want to marry you not for your cash value, but for your own value ... for the value of your friendship, for the value of your beauty, for the value of your laughter
# 8
Shaadi byah ke mamle mein ... aate mein namak jitna jhoot chalta hai
When it comes to marriages and weddings ... a small lie to the extent of salt in a dough, is ok
# 9
Shaadi ke basic concept mein hi jhol hai
The basic concept of marriage itself has a catch
# 10
Is janam mein bauji toh kya, khud Bajrangbali bhi aa jaye ... toh woh bhi mujhe tumse shaadi karne se nahi rok sakte
In this life forget dad, even if lord Hanuman comes ... then even he will not be able to stop me from marrying you
# 11
Bhabhi hogi teri aur shaadi hogi meri
She'll be your sister-in-law and I will get married
# 12
Insaan ko usse shaadi nahi karni chahiye, jisse woh pyar karta ho ... balki usse shaadi karni chahiye, joh usse pyar karta ho
A person should not marry someone whom he loves ... instead a person should marry someone who loves him
# 13
Kehte hai shaadi mein agar pyar banaye rakhna hai toh do cheezein bahut zaroori hoti hai ... pati ki haar aur heeron ka haar
It is said that if you want to maintain the love in a marriage then two things are very important ... a husbands defeat and a necklace of diamonds
# 14
Shaadi ho yah barbadi ... phool toh har jagah lagte hai
Be it a wedding or a death ... flowers are needed everywhere
# 15
Mobile uska, sim apun ka ... tu beech mein missed call dene waala kaun ... behen uski, byah apun ka ... tu beech mein taang adhane waala kaun
The mobile is his and the sim is mine ... who the hell are you to give a missed call in between ... it's his sister and my wedding ... who the hell are you to put your foot in between
# 16
Kehte hain maut bin bulaye aa jaati hai ... lekin main maut ke samne roz khada ho jaata hoon ... begani shaadi mein Abdullah deewana bankar
It is said that death comes without any invitation ... but I stand in front of death everyday ... just like an uninvited guest in a wedding
# 17
Hai aaj mere yaar ki shaadi magar main khush nahi hoon ... hai kisi ke pyar ki shaadi magar main khush nahi hoon ... maine roka usse, toka usse samjhaya bhi ... deke vaasta apni yaari ka manaya bhi ... uski rah ka patthar bana aur kaanta bhi ... phool banke uske samne murjhaya bhi ... le karke chal diya hai woh baharen dahej mein ... hai gul-e-gulzar ki shaadi magar main khush nahi hoon ... hai aaj mere yaar ki shaadi magar main khush nahi hoon ... hai kisi ke pyar ki shaadi magar main khush nahi hoon
Today is my friends wedding but I'm not happy ... today is someone's love's wedding but I'm not happy ... I tried to stop him, question him and make him understand ... I even tried to persuade using the concern of our friendship ... I even became the stone and the thorn of his path ... I even withered as a flower in front of him ... but he walked taking the blossom of spring as dowry ... it's my best friends wedding but I'm not happy ... today is my friends wedding but I'm not happy ... today is someone's love's wedding but I'm not happy
# 18
Joh shaadi waale ghar mein seva karta hai ... usko bahut sundar dulhan milti hai
Those who help in the house that has a wedding ... they get a very beautiful wife
# 19
Qaidi ki aazadi ki aarzoo aur raand ki shaadi ki aarzoo ... kabhi na kabhi sar uthayegi hi
A prisoner's desire to be free and a prostitute's desire to get married ... will definitely surface at sometime or the other
# 20
Nadi, nadi nahin jismein pani na ho ... hawa, hawa nahi jismein ravani na ho ... woh shaadi, shaadi nahi jismein prem kahani na ho
A river is not a river without water in it ... the wind is not the wind without the flow in it ... a marriage is not a marriage without a love story in it
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