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# 1
Paisa nahi toh kuch aur sahi ... har insaan ki koi na koi kamzori zaroor hoti hai
If not money then something else ... every person has a weakness for something or the other
# 2
Tu kya bolega deewane ... hamare ghar mein pehda ho gaya tu kaise, kya jaane
What will you say my son ... how the hell were you born in our house, who knows
# 3
Aadmi ki khoobsurati uske kaam se pehchaani jaati hai ... uski shakal se nahi
The beauty of a person is known by his work ... not by his face
# 4
Joh log doodh se jal jaate hai ... woh chhaas bhi phoonk phoonk kar peete hai
The people who get burnt by milk ... they blow and blow to drink buttermilk also
# 5
Hamara khoon ka rishta zaroor hai ... magar ab nibhane ka nahi ... sirf khoon bahane ka rishta reh gaya hai
We do have a blood relationship ... but not of togetherness ... only the relationship of shedding blood is now left
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