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Coffee With D

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Yeh dekhne mein shareef hai lekin sharafat bhi pani bharti hai inke aage
He looks innocent from his face, but in reality there's nothing honest about him
# 2
Mujhse related sari cheezein world mein ban hai ... toh mere glasses bhi Ray-Ban hi honge na
Everything related to me is banned in the world ... hence my glasses should also be Ray-Ban
# 3
Hollywood ke alava main porn dekhna pasand karta hoon ... kahani is mein bhi nahi hoti, kahani us mein bhi nahi hoti ... action zaroor hota hai
Other than Hollywood, I like to watch watch porn ... as there's no story in either of them ... but yes, there's definitely action
# 4
Desh naam se nahi, logon se banta hai
A country develops due to its people, and not due to its name
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