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Zakir Hussain

# 1
Log mera naam sunke terror mein aa jaate hai
People hear my name and get terrorized
# 2
Paisa khuda nahi hai ... par khuda kasam, khuda se kam bhi nahi hai
Money is not God ... but swear on God, it is not less than God either
# 3
Koi bhi faisla chunaav se hona chahiye ... dabaav se nahi
Any decision should be made with choice ... not with pressure
# 4
Yeh dekhne mein shareef hai lekin sharafat bhi pani bharti hai inke aage
He looks innocent from his face, but in reality there's nothing honest about him
# 5
Mujhse related sari cheezein world mein ban hai ... toh mere glasses bhi Ray-Ban hi honge na
Everything related to me is banned in the world ... hence my glasses should also be Ray-Ban
# 6
Tu system mein hai aur hum khud system hai
You are in the system and I myself am the system
# 7
Apun ko apna shakal aur kirdaar mein koi confusion nahi hai ... apun jaisa kamina dikhta hai ... waisa hich hai
I have no confusion in between my look and my role ... the way I look like a scoundrel ... I am exactly a scoundrel
# 8
Hollywood ke alava main porn dekhna pasand karta hoon ... kahani is mein bhi nahi hoti, kahani us mein bhi nahi hoti ... action zaroor hota hai
Other than Hollywood, I like to watch watch porn ... as there's no story in either of them ... but yes, there's definitely action
# 9
Mereko apna naam bahut bada karke janeka hai
I have to make my name very big before I go
# 10
Desh naam se nahi, logon se banta hai
A country develops due to its people, and not due to its name
# 11
Shaadi ke baad duniya ki har ladki nazar aati hai ... biwi dikhai nahi deti hai
After marriage you can see every girl of this world ... but you just can't see your wife
# 12
Che mahine ke baad sab biwiyan bhoot ban jaati hai
After 6 months all wives become ghosts
# 13
Department tereko promotion dega ... pan retire main karega tereko
The department will give you a promotion ... but I will get you retired
# 14
Baba ki godh mein ghus ja tel laga ke ... bhootni ke chale aate hai taang uthake yahan pe
Apply oil and sit in Baba's lap ... crazy people come here lifting their leg up
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