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Begum Jaan

Release Year - 2017
# 1

Aap jise zubaan se kotha aur dimag mein randikhana soch rahe hai na ... yeh mera ghar hai, mera watan ... aur isse pehle ke koi humein yahan se hataye ... hum uske haath, pair aur jism ka woh kya kehte hai, partition kar denge

What you're calling as a brothel and thinking as a whorehouse ... that's my house, my country ... and before anyone can remove me from here ... I'll partition their hands, legs and their entire body
# 2

Tawaif ke liye har din ek jaisa hota hai ... ek baar batti bujhi, toh sab ek

Every day is the same for a prostitute ... once the light turns off, then everything is the same
# 3

(Ek mahine ka waqt hai, sirf ek mahina) ... Mahina humein gin'na aata hai sahab ... har baar saala laal karke jaata hai

(You have a months time, just one month) ... Sir, I know how to count a month ... every time it comes, it leaves making me red
# 4

Baap, bhai, beta, shohar ... Begum Jaan ki chaukhat ke us paar hard mard murgha hota hai ... teen taangon wala murgha

Father, brother, son, husband ... even man outside Begum Jaan's house is a chicken ... a three legged chicken
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