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Richa Chadda

# 1
Isse badi saza kya hogi ... ki jaan bhi nikaal li aur zinda bhi chhod diya
No punishment can be bigger than ... taking the life out and leave one to live
# 2
Har goli ke saath sirf beta nahi ... ek maa bhi mar jaati hai
With every bullet not only does a son die ... but a mother also does
# 3
Khana khao, taqat aayega ... bahar jaake beizzati mat karana
Eat food, you will get strength ... don't humiliate us outside
# 4
Pehle payment phir enjoyment
Pay first and then enjoy
# 5
Joh mera paisa dooba ... toh main dugna tere pichwaade mein haath dalke nikalongi
If I lose my money ... then I will use my hand and recuperate double from your backside
# 6
Shaadi karega? ... saala jhandu!
You want to get married? ... bloody jerk!
# 7
Yakeen ke chakke pe toh duniya ghoomti hai ... maano toh mitti mein khazana hai, na maano toh khazane mein mitti
The world spins on the wheel of belief ... if you believe then there's treasure in the dust, if you don't then there's dust in the treasure
# 8
He can escape ... but no one can escape him
He can escape ... but no one can escape him
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