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Release Year - 2004
# 1

Mere rules koi nahi todh sakta ... main bhi nahi

No one can break my rules ... not even me
# 2

Tezzi goli mein nahi ... chalane waale mein hoti hai

Speed is not in the bullet ... it is in the shooter
# 3

Agar tum chor na hote to hum zaroor dost hote

If you were not a thief we would have surely been friends
# 4

Joh bhi karenge ... style se karenge

Whatever we'll do ... we'll do it in style
# 5

Nothing is permanent ... na tum, na main, na plan, na time

Nothing is permanent ... neither you, neither me, neither the plan, neither the time
# 6

Tumhari kismat badal rahi hai ... tum bhi badal jaoge

Your destiny is changing ... you will also change
# 7

Jail jaana meri kismat mein nahi hai

Going to jail is not in my destiny
# 8

Yes yes, thank you thank you, very ok very ok

Yes yes, thank you thank you, very ok very ok
# 9

Main criminals se baat nahin karta

I don't talk to criminals
# 10

Burai chahe jitni bhi aage chali jaye ... hamesha achchai se peeche rehti hai

No matter how much ahead evil gets ... it always remains behind good
# 11

Bahut jhankaar beat aadmi hai woh

He is a very crazy guy
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