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Kay Kay Menon

# 1

Takleef mein saath dene waale ko bhale ek baar bhool jao ... lekin takleef dene wale ko kabhi mat bhoolna

For once you may forget the person who helped you in your problem ... but never forget the one who gave you the problem
# 2

Mere jeb se jab hazar rupai ka note neeche girta hai ... toh main usse uthata nahi hoon ... jaante ho kyun? ... kyun ki us note ko zameen se uthakar mere jeb mein rakhne mein jitna time jaata hai ... utne mein main lakhon ke deals kar leta hoon ... time is precious

When a Rs. 1000 note falls from my pocket ... then I don't pick it up ... you know why? ... because the amount of time that it takes to pick up that note from the ground and to put it in my pocket ... in that much time I make deals worth millions ... time is precious
# 3

Border pe marne se zyada bada nasha koi nahin hai

There is no intoxication bigger than dying on the border
# 4

Dushman sirf border ke uss paar nahin hota ... ghar ke andhar bhi hota hai

An enemy can not only be on the other side of the border ... he can also be inside the house
# 5

Jab zindagi credit pe chal rahi ho na ... toh vastavikta thodi si dhundli ho jaati hai

When life is running on credit ... then reality becomes a little bit foggy
# 6

Iski har identity, ghost identity hai

His every identity, is a ghost identity
# 7

Main hamesha ek second aage rehta hoon

I am always ahead by 1 second
# 8

Jeet ek aisi cheez hai joh khud chalkar tumhare paas nahi aayegi ... usse ladkar haasil karna padta hai

Victory is something that won't come to you by itself ... you'll have to fight for it to attain it
# 9

Jung joh hai na, shaheed hokar nahi ... dushman ko shaheed karke jeeti jaati hai

You don't win a war by becoming a martyr ... you win it by making your enemy a martyr
# 10

Zindagi aur chess mein koi khaas farak nahi hai ... jeetne ke liye dono mein chaalein chalni padti hai

There is not much of a difference between chess and life ... you have to play your moves in both to win
# 11

Ladai badshah ke liye nahi hoti hai ... badshahat ke liye hoti hai

War is not done to be the king ... it is done for the reign
# 12

Jab ek vazir marta hai ... toh mamooli sa pyada, vazir ban jaata hai

When the minister dies ... then even an ordinary pawn can become the minister
# 13

India mein koi cheez ho na ho ... shaadi badi aasani se ho jaati hai

Whether anything happens or not in India ... but you can get married easily
# 14

Zahid sharab peene de masjid mein baithkar ... ya phir woh jagah dikha de jahan khuda na ho

Let me sit inside the mosque and drink alcohol ... or else show me the place where there is no god
# 15

Pehle bada upar jaata hai ... phir chota bada ban jaata hai ... simple

First the big man dies ... then the small man becomes the big man ... it's simple
# 16

Fitrat se toh hum sab jaanwar hai ... bas kuch log majboori mein shikaar karte hai ... aur kuch log shauk ke liye

By nature we're all animals ... it's just that some people are compelled to hunt ... and some people hunt for hobby
# 17

Sitaron se aage jahan aur bhi hai ... aasman se aage aasman aur bhi hai

There is a world beyond the stars ... and there is more sky beyond the sky
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