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R Rajkumar

Release Year - 2013
# 1

Silent ho ja ... varna main violent ho jaonga

Become silent ... or else I become violent
# 2

Main paise ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon ... toh sooch main apne pyar ke liye kya kya karoonga

I can do anything for money ... so imagine what all I can do for my love
# 3

Gusse se bolegi, nahi jaonga ... pyar se bolegi, marr bhi jaonga

If you say with anger, then I won't go ... and if you say with love, then I am ready to die also
# 4

Meri life mein sirf do cheez hai ... pyar, pyar, pyar ... yah maar, maar, maar

I have only two things in my life ... love, love, love ... or hit, hit, hit
# 5

Height, weight, colour se pyar nahi hota hai ... pyar dil se hota hai

You can't fall in love by height, weight, colour ... love happens from the heart
# 6

Chote size ki cheez hi bade bade kaam karti hai

Big things are done by items small in size
# 7

Mere mooh mat lagna ... main sehat ke liye bahut hanikarak hoon

Stay away from me ... I am injurious to health
# 8

Ishq ne nikamma karke chhod diya ... varna tu bhi aadmi tha kaam ka

Love has made you useless ... or else you were a useful person
# 9

Kitne kamzarf hai yeh gubbare, chand saanson mein phool jaate hai ... bas zara si bulandiyan paakar, apni aukaat bhool jaate hai

The balloons are so ungenerous, they blow-up with a little air ... and just by achieving some heights, they forget their status
# 10

Tum hamare bageeche ka sabse khoobsurat phool ho ... aur hum tumhari khushboo ka mazaa pyar se lena chahte hai

You are the most beautiful flower of my garden ... and I want to enjoy your fragrance with love
# 11

Jab waqt badal jaata hai ... vaar kamzor se kamzor ka chal jaata hai

When the time changes ... then the attack of even the weakest person works
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