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Sarkar 3

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Joh usoolon ke raaste pe chalte hai ... unke dost kam hote hai aur dushman zyada
Those who walk on the path of principles ... they have less friends and more enemies
# 2
Har achchai ki koi nirdharit keemat hoti hai ... woh chahe paisa ho, gyan ho, ya phir dard ... aur dard ki keemat chukani padti hai
Every bit of kindness has some price on it ... be it money, or knowledge, or pain ... and one has to pay the price of pain
# 3
Lalach aur darr kisi ko bhi gaddar bana dete hai
Greed and fear can turn anyone into a traitor
# 4
Humko us position se koi problem nahi hai ... humko us aadmi se problem hai joh is waqt us position par behta hai
We don't have any problem with that position ... but we have a problem with the person who's currently sitting at that position
# 5
Kitne bhi chuhe ek saath mil jaaye ... sher ko toh chhodo, ek billi ko bhi kuch nahi kar sakte
No matter how many mouses come together ... forget a tiger, they can't even do anything against a cat
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