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Dil Ka Rishta

Release Year - 2003
# 1
Rishtey bante hai ... khatam nahi hote
Relationships are made ... they don't end
# 2
Pehle tum door thi aur main pass aana chahta tha ... ab tum pass ho par door jana meri majboori hai
First you were far away and I wanted to come near ... now you are near and I'm compelled to go far away
# 3
Guzre hue pal laut kar nahi aate ... bas yaadein chhod jaate hai
Time never comes back ... it just leaves behind memories
# 4
Har rishtey ki ek seema hoti hai
Every relationship has a boundary
# 5
Jab dil se dil ki raah milti hai ... toh ek doosre ki pasand napasand sab pata chalta hai
When the path of the hearts connect ... then you come to know about each others likes and dislikes
# 6
Kabhi kabhi hadsa itna bada hota hai ... ki uske samne zindagi bahut choti ho jaati hai
Sometimes an incident is so big that ... life becomes very small in front of it
# 7
Dil ka rishta zabardasti se joda nahi jaata ... bas ban jaata hai, yun hi apne aap
The relationship of hearts cannot be connected with compulsion ... it gets connected just like that, by itself
# 8
Zakhm ilaaj se bharta hai aur dard baantne se halka hota hai
A wound fills by treating it and the pain gets lighter by sharing it
# 9
Life mein paise kamane ke alava kuch daan punya ka bhi kaam kiya karo ... aatma ke liye acha hota hai
In life other than earning money you should do some donations as well ... it is good for your soul
# 10
Business karne ke liye tumhare pass sari duniya padi hai ... phir tum meri choti si duniya ko apna business kyun banana chahte ho
To do business you have the entire world ... then why do you want to make my small world as your business
# 11
Cheese bolne se angrezi smile aati hai ... paneer bolne se Indian muskurahat aati hai
By saying cheese you get an English smile ... by saying paneer (cottage cheese) you get an Indian smile
# 12
Tu gaadi plane ki speed se chalata hai aur pyar bhail-gaadi ki speed se karta hai
You drive a car at the speed of a plane and you love at the speed of a bullock cart
# 13
Har thokar ko aage badne ki seedi banani chahiye ... iraade aur mazboot ho jaate hai ... na milne waali cheez bhi mil jaati hai
We should make every stumble as a step to move forward ... your intentions become more stronger ... and you also get the things that you weren't supposed to get
# 14
Main toh sirf tumhari tasveer hi kheench raha tha ... tum toh meri film utaar rahi ho
I was only taking your photo ... but you are shooting a film on me
# 15
Shikayat karne se problem ka solution nahi milta hai
By complaining you don't get the solution to a problem
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