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Release Year - 2018
# 1
Main kisi se nahi darta ... kisi ka bhi darwaza khatkhatane ki himmat rakhta hoon
I'm not scared of anyone ... I have the courage to knock on anyone's door
# 2
Main sirf sasural se hi shaadi wale din khali haath lauta tha ... varna jiske ghar subah subah pahuncha hoon kuch na kuch nikaal kar hi laya hoon
I returned empty handed only on my wedding day from my in-laws place ... other than that whoever's house I reach early morning, I've returned with something or the other
# 3
Is desh ki gareebi ka karan gareeb nahi hai ... unse lootne wale tum jaise baimaan ameer hai
Poor people are not the reason behind the poverty in this country ... it's the rich people like you who steal from them
# 4
India mein officers ka nahi, unki biwiyon ka bahadur hona zaroori hai
In India it's more important for an officer's wife to be courageous, rather than the officer himself
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