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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Release Year - 2015
# 1
Har family mein problem hai ... par woh khush naseeb hai jinki family hoti hai
In every family there are problems ... but those who have a family are lucky
# 2
Kisi ke haath chalte hai toh kisi ke pair ... hamare dono chalte hai
Some people move their hands and some move their legs ... I can move both
# 3
Saari shikayatein ek saath likhva dijiye ... mooch, shirt, tie, pant, underwear, banyan, kuch mat chhodiye ... dhajjiyan udha dijiye ... lekin pyar nahi karta, yeh mat likhvaiye
Note down all your complaints against me ... moustache, shirt, tie, pant, underwear, banyan, don't leave anything ... tear me apart ... but don't say that I don't love you
# 4
Ravan ke saare paap karenge zero ... maryada purushottam hamare hero
He will turn the sins of Ravana into zero ... our great Lord Ram as a hero
# 5
Tumhe roothne ka poora haq hai ... lekin tumhe manane ka adhikaar mujhse koi nahi cheen sakta
You have the full right to be upset ... but no one can snatch the right to coax you from me
# 6
Sacha pyar honthon pe nahi, aankhon mein basta hai ... aur aapke pyar ki sachai aapki aankhen saaf bata rahi hai
True love resides in the eyes and not on the lips ... and your eyes are clearly telling the truth of your love
# 7
Rishton mein ek baar daraar padh jaaye ... toh zindagiyan lag jaati unhe bharne mein
Once a dividing line is formed between relationships ... then multiple life's are needed to fill them up
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