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# 81
Uss vaishi darinde ne meri maa ke haath toh kaat diye hai ... lekin meri maa ka aashirwad nahi kaat sakta woh
That barbarian did cut the hands of my mother ... but he cannot cut the blessings of my mother
# 82
Raah par unko laga laye toh hai baaton mein ... aur khul jayenge do chaar mulaqaton mein
I've brought her on my path while talking to her ... and she will open up in a few more meetings
# 83
Us rakshas ki di hui maut tumhari di hui zindagi se kahi behtar hogi ... woh ek baar ki maut hogi ... lekin tumhari di hui zindagi ke har pal main ek maut marta raha hoon
Death by that devil will be better than the life that you've given me ... that death will come to me at once ... but in the life that you've given me, I die every moment
# 84
Jinke haath na ho woh aatma se aashirwad dete hai
Those who don't have hands give blessings from their soul
# 85
Kutte ki pooch aur mard ki mooch mein koi farak nahi hota
There is no difference between a dog's tail and a man's mustache
# 86
Main kanoon ka woh ajgar hoon joh dasta nahi ... nighal jaata hai
I'm a python of the law who doesn't bite ... but simply swallows
# 87
Main tera khoon karoonga aur tera ghost apni gali ke kutton ko khilaonga
I'll kill you and give your meat to the dogs of my colony
# 88
Jis jurm par mera naam likha jayega uspar tumhara naam pehle se likha hoga ... aur jis gali mein main kutte ki maut maara jaonga ... us gali mein ek bahut bada kutta pehle se mara pada hoga
The crime on which my name will be written, your name will be written on that before mine ... and the lane in which I'll die a dog's death ... in that lane one big dog will be lying dead before me
# 89
Aurat aur sharaab dono mein koi farak nahi ... dono ka kaam hai aag lagana
There is no difference between a woman and alcohol ... both of them do the job of starting a fire
# 90
Jisne tumhari maang ka sindoor mittaya hai ... tumhari kasam main usse is duniya se mitta doonga
The one who has erased the vermilion from your hair partition ... I swear on you that I will erase him from this world
# 91
Aurat ke haath mein churi aur bandook bilkul achchi nahi lagti
A knife and a gun don't look good at all in a woman's hand
# 92
Tumhari building ko police ne charon taraf se gher rakha hai ... aur agar main do minute ke andar andar yahan se bahar nahi gaya ... toh tumhari aur is building ki dhajjiyan udaa di jayengi
The police has surrounded your building from all four sides ... and if I don't go out in the next two minutes from here ... then you and your building will be blown into pieces
# 93
In kandhon par wahi sar hai jisne katna seekha hai ... jhukna nahi
The head on these shoulders has learnt to be chopped ... but not to bow down
# 94
Main tere napaak khoon se haath nahi rangoonga
I won't color my hands with your dirty blood
# 95
Joh apni jaan par khelte hai ... woh apni manzil par khud pahunch jaate hai
People who play with their life ... they reach their destination by themselves
# 96
Agar ho baat toh baat banti hai ... aur baat jab banti hai ... phir kahe bhi banti hai, sunne bhi banti hai
If something great has to happen then it'll happen ... and when it happens ... then it sounds good when you say it and also when you hear it
# 97
Sachai ka rishta khoon ke rishtey se ooncha hota hai
The relationship of truth is bigger than the relationship of blood
# 98
Yeh zameenay jispar apna raj kayam karna chahte ho ... ek din tumhare liye kabristan ban jayega
The lands where you want to build your empire ... one day they will become a graveyard for you
# 99
Jab gareeb ka khoon khaulta hai ... toh uske gusse ke sailaab mein daulat ke bade se bade pahad toot jaate hai
When the blood of a poor person boils ... then in that flood of anger even the biggest mountain of money breaks apart
# 100
Joh khuda ke pyare hote hai ... woh waqt se pehle khuda ko pyare nahi hote
Those who are god's beloved ... god doesn't call them ahead of time
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