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Neil Nitin Mukesh

# 1
Agar pyada badshah ke saath ladega ... toh bahut buri maut marega
If a pawn will fight against the king ... then it will die a very dreadful death
# 2
Agar kharab aadmi ke saath game kheloge ... toh itna yaad rakho ... usmein koi rules nahi rehte
If you play a game with a bad man ... then remember ... there are no rules in it
# 3
Jo hoga ... jab hoga ... aap sabko hila dega
Whatever happens ... whenever it happens ... it will shake all of you
# 4
Main khatam toh khel khatam
If I am over, then the game is over
# 5
Waqt waqt ki baat hai ... aur mera waqt badal raha hai
It is matter of time to time ... and my time is changing
# 6
Jab paise ki baat aati hai ... toh sabka dharm ek hi hota hai
When it comes to money ... everyone has the same religion
# 7
Kabhi kabhi kuch galat hi sahi hota hai
Sometimes something wrong is the right
# 8
Jabse tumhe dekha hai ... maine tumpe apna naam likh diya hai
Since I've seen you ... I've written my name on you
# 9
Tumhari expiry date khatam ho gayi hai
Your expiry date has passed
# 10
Main bhaagta nahi hoon ... bhagaata hoon
I don't run ... I make others run
# 11
Jab naak se khoon moot ki tarah beh raha hota hai ... phatke haath mein aa jaati hai
When blood flows like pee from the nose ... then you are scared to death
# 12
Dil ko dil se bas chookar woh sukh mil jaata hai joh ... badan ko badan se ghisat ghisatkar nahi milta
The happiness a heart gets by touching another heart ... is something that a body doesn't get on rubbing with another body
# 13
Emergency mein emotion nahi ... mere orders chalte hai
Emotions don't work in an emergency ... only my orders do
# 14
Sahi time pe sahi mukka ... kuch log isse good luck bolte hai ... main isse shanpatti bolta hai
A right punch at the right time ... some people call it good luck ... I call it smartness
# 15
Ab is desh mein Gandhi ke maiyne badal chuke hai
Now the meaning of Gandhi has changed in this country
# 16
Sarkarein challenges se nahi ... chabuk se chalti hai
Governments don't run on challenges ... they run on whips
# 17
Dard aur mard mein da aur ma ka farak hota hai ... da aur ma bole toh, Dum
The difference between distress and man is D and M ... D and M means, Dum (courage)
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