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Manmohan Krishna

# 1
Shirdi mera Pandharpur, Shirdi pujya staan ... yahin viraje Vithal mere, saavare Ghanshyam ... yahin bahe Ganga Jamuna, yahi tirth mahan ... pranaam mera sweekar karo Sainath bhagwan
Shirdi is my Pandharpur, Shirdi is a respectable place ... here Lord Vithoba and Ghanshyam are seated ... here the rivers of Ganga and Jamuna flow, and this is a great holy place ... oh Lord Sai Baba accept my greetings
# 2
Duniya mein kisi ko gaali dena shayad paap na hoga ... lekin gareeb ko baar baar gareeb aur mohtaj ko baar baar mohtaj kehne se bada kukarma aur koi nahi hai
It might not be a sin to curse someone in this world ... but there is no bigger sin that repetitively calling a poor person poor and a dependent person dependent
# 3
Dil ke paas rehne waala jab door chala jaata hai ... tabhi pata chalta hai hum usse kitna pyar karte hai
When the one that is close to our heart goes far away ... then only we come to know how much we love them
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