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Sanjay Mishra

# 1

Tempo ... Dhondu nikaal!

Tempo ... Take out Dhondu!
# 2

Taqdeer kharab ho toh oonth par baithe baune aadmi ke pair mein bhi kutta kaat le

If the luck is bad then a dog will bite the leg of a midget even if he is sitting on a camel
# 3

Ladki khoobsurat ho aur Scooty par ho toh pyar ho jaata hai ... aur jab ladki badsurat ho aur Mercedes mein ho toh pyar jhak marke karna hi padta hai

If the girl is beautiful and on a Scooty (moped) then you'll fall in love ... and if the girl is ugly and in a Mercedes then you'll have to fall in love
# 4

Bada sochoge, phir bada banoge

If you think big, then you will become big
# 5

Insaaniyat ka farz hai ek doosre ke kaam aana

It is the duty of humanity to help each other out
# 6

Mehengi sirf cheezein hi nahi hoti balki uske saath sab kuch mehenga ho jaata hai ... rishta bhi, naata bhi, pyar bhi, hasi bhi

Only things don't get expensive but along with that everything gets expensive ... even relationships, even bonds, even love, even a smile
# 7

Doston ke dukh dard baatne dekho Jaggi aaya hai ... abhe kaun hai woh kabootar jisne tumhe sataya hai

Look Jaggi has come to share the sadness and pain of friends ... who is that pigeon who is bothering you
# 8

Chota mooh badi mooch

Small mouth and big moustache
# 9

Pehle joh hai pyaz kaante mein aasoon aate the ... ab pyaz khareedne mein

First tears used to come when we used to cut onions ... and now when we buy onions
# 10

Tairna hai toh samundar mein tairo, talaabo mein kya rakha hai ... aur joh ishq karna hai toh mujhse karo, janaaniyo mein kya rakha hai

If you want to swim then swim in the ocean, what's there in the lake ... and if you want to love then love me, what's there in the girls
# 11

Umar bhi kya cheez bana deti hai insaan ko

Age turns a person into such a strange thing
# 12

Jab tak rum mein nahi hoga dum ... kaise mitega gham

Until the rum is strong ... our sadness won't go away
# 13

Aaj phir jalwa, phir party ... sharaab, kabab aur hum aap

Today again we'll have fun and party ... with alcohol, meat skewers and you and me
# 14

Tumko dekha toh yeh khayal aaya ... zindagi dhoop aur tum naram chaaya

I got a feeling when I saw you ... that life is sunshine and you're a soft shade
# 15

Murkhon ke mohalle mein sayano ka jhopda ... kahan se chalaye is duniya mein samajhdhari ka rokda

Smart people have a hut in the colony of fools ... how can I use the currency of sense in this world
# 16

Uske Ramayan shuru hone ke pehle uska Mahabharat kar denge

Before his Ramayana starts we will do his Mahabharata
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