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Supriya Pathak

# 1
Goli aur gussa sahi waqt par kharach karna chahiye
You should spend a bullet and anger at the right time
# 2
Issi ghar mein aayegi aap ki doli ... and wishing you a very happy Holi
You will get married in this house ... and wishing you a very happy Holi
# 3
Woh lover toh main killer
If he is a lover then I am a killer
# 4
Chashme pehenke Karsan ji sharmaye thoda thoda ... khade hai dekho sab ke beech haath mein leke ghoda
Mr.Karsan is a little shy wearing glasses ... and look he is standing in the middle of everyone holding a gun
# 5
Saara din woh bandh kamre mein ghutar-gu ghutar-gu ... natija kab milega haan?
You've been having fun in the room all along ... when will we get the result?
# 6
Kabhi kisi aurat ka dil mat todhna aur kabhi kisi ka ghar mat todhna
Never break a woman's heart and never break someone's family
# 7
Kya hona chahiye aur kya nahi, yeh koi mayine nahi rakhta ... joh sachi mein hota hai na, wohi mayine rakhta hai
It doesn't matter what should happen and what shouldn't ... what matters is what happens in reality
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