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Mukul Dev

# 1
Daru badi kutti cheez hoti hai ... dosti mein pilao toh yaar deti hai ... dushmani mein pilao toh maar deti hai
Alcohol is a bloody thing ... if you drink in friendship then it gives a friend ... if you drink in animosity then it kills
# 2
Khemgadh ka cheetah hoon ... shikaar par hi jeeta hoon
I'm a cheetah from Khemgadh ... and I live off my prey
# 3
Is shaam ka koi nahi hai jawaab ... jab saamne behta ho shabaab ... aur apne haathon se pilaye sharaab
This evening is awesome ... as a young woman is sitting in front of me ... and she's feeding me a drink with her own hands
# 4
Kitna pyar hai tumhari aankhon mein ... jin mein wafaa ki jhalak nazar aati hai ... jin mein dokhe ka zehar nahi, pyar ka amrit hai
There is so much love in your eyes ... in which I can see the sight of loyalty ... in which there is the holy water of love and not the poison of cheating
# 5
Chori se liya gaya chumma ... zindagi ki sabse haseen cheez hoti hai
A kiss that is stolen ... is the most beautiful thing in life
# 6
Jahan meri maa nahi ... wahan mera bhagwan nahi
The place where my mother is not there ... over there my god is not there
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