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Vivek Shauq

# 1
Na main shayar hoon, na shayar ka bhatija hoon ... main toh jhi apne maa baap ke manoranjan ka natija hoon
I am not a poet, neither am I related to a poet ... I am the outcome of my parents entertainment
# 2
Kya figure hai yaar ... na ek millimeter idhar na ek millimeter udhar ... upar waale ne bhi cold coffee peete hue banaya hoga yeh garma garam piece
What a figure she has ... not a millimeter here and not a millimeter there ... God must have made this hot piece while drinking cold coffee
# 3
Jahan the wahin hai, na koi izafa hai ... halaat yeh hai ki, na mazmoon hai na lifafa hai
We are where we were, there is no increment ... the condition is such that, there is no paper and neither an envelope
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