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Tiku Talsania

# 1
Kisi bhi achchi cheez ko mashoor hone mein waqt lagta hai
Any good thing takes time to become famous
# 2
Log kehte hai ki agar sherni ke mooh khoon lag jaye na ... toh woh zinda nahi chodti
People say that if a tigeress tastes blood ... then she does not leave one alive
# 3
Purane joh ho jaate hai bhav woh khaate hai ... is liye aksar hum naye ko aazmate hai
Those who become old they have an attitude ... that's why I often try new people
# 4
Imaandari ke paise mein sirf mehnat lagti hai ... rishwat ke paise mein mehnat aur jokhim dono lagte hai
It only takes hard work to earn money with honesty ... but it takes hard work and risk both to earn money with bribery
# 5
Aurat woh khushboo hai joh aadmi ki zindagi ko mehka deti hai
A woman is a fragrance that enhances the life of a man
# 6
Choro se maal bachane ke liye dukaan ko taala lagaya ja sakta hai ... lekin dokhebaazo se bachna bahut hi mushkil hai
To protect merchandise from the theives you can lock a shop ... but it is very hard to protect from cheaters
# 7
Jab zindagi ka hi nasha zyada hota hai ... toh sober hone ke liye aur daaru peena padta hai
When the intoxication from life itself is too much ... then you have to drink alcohol to become sober
# 8
Chal door ho ja, nazar ke samne se door ho ja ... doorbeen ke andhar bhi nazar nahin aane chahiye
Come on go away, get lost from here ... you should not be seen from a binocular also
# 9
Shaadi vivah mein jab bhi jaana hota hai na ... toh hamari memsaab ko toh do din pehle bata dena padta hai ... unko sajne savarne mein itna waqt lag jaata hai ... ki shaadi ke din ki bajai hum pehle bache ke janam din par hi pahunch paate hai
Whenever we have to go for a wedding ... then I have to tell my wife atleast a couple of days ahead of time ... she takes so much time to get ready that ... instead of the wedding we end up reaching on the birthday of the couple's 1st child
# 10
Kya haath paya hai, saare ke saare devi devtaon ka saath hai ... rahu ketu ka ghulam hai, wahan shani ka kya kaam hai
What a great hand you have, you have the support of all gods and goddesses ... the planet of Rahu is a slave of the planet of Ketu, and there is no use for the planet of Shani over there
# 11
Yeh achanak Star TV mein se Doordarshan kaise ho gayi?
How did she suddenly become from Star TV into Doordarshan?
# 12
Tera itna chota chota tukda banayega ki ... agle janam mein na tu powder banke janam lega
I will cut you into such small pieces that ... in the next life you will be born as powder
# 13
Daulat ki jung mein toh sab jayaz hai
Everything is fair in the war of money
# 14
Abhe Chambal ghaati se bagaye hue C-grade ke daku!
Hey you C-grade dacoit on the run from the mountains of Chambal!
# 15
Humse zabaan ladata hai, hum hi ko kanoon sikhata hai ... chal issi baat par nikaal paise, bachkar jayega kaise ... chal ho ja mushtaid nahi toh aath din ki qaid
You're arguing with us, you're teaching us the law ... come on now take out the money, because you can't escape ... come on get ready or else you'll be in jail for 8 days
# 16
Kamaal ka country hai America ... hum powder lagate hai aur woh powder khate hai
America is a great country ... we apply powder and they eat powder
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