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# 1
Tere dil mein meri saanson ko panaah mil jaye ... tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaye
If my breath found a place in your heart ... I can get destroyed in your love
# 2
Bhool karke agar humse koi bhool hui ho, toh bhool samajhkar bhula dena ... lekin bhulana sirf bhool ko, galati se bhi hum mein na bhula dena
If I have done any mistake unknowingly, then think of it as a mistake and forget it ... but forget only the mistake, don't forget me in error
# 3
Agar tum mein mazaak sehne ki himmat nahi hai ... toh mazaak kiya bhi mat karo
If you don't have the courage to stand a joke ... then don't be jovial yourself
# 4
Lucknow da kurta, Pathani salwar ... tab lage mard, varna lage bekaar
The shirt should be from Lucknow, the pant should be Pathani ... only then a man looks a man, or else he looks useless
# 5
Zindagi mein joh hota hai woh socha nahi hota ... aur joh socha jata hai woh kabhi hota nahi ... aur joh kabhi nahi hota, woh kabhi kabhi ho jata hai
In life whatever happens it is never thought of ... and whatever is thought of it never happens ... and whatever never happens, sometimes it does happen
# 6
Jua mein hamesha jeetkar hi nahi ... kabhi kabhi haarkar bhi zyada paisa kamaya ja sakta hai
In gambling you not only make money by winning ... sometimes you can make more money by losing
# 7
Kabhi kabhi adults bahut complicated hote hai ... kisi se bahut pyar karke bhi, unke saath nahi reh paate
Sometimes adults are very complicated ... they can't stay together with the person whom they love a lot
# 8
Insaan ki khwaish ki koi inteha nahi ... do gaz zameen chahiye do gaz kafan ke baad
There is no limit to a humans desire ... one needs two yards of land after two yards of shroud
# 9
Kuch kuch hota hai Rahul, tum nahi samjhoge
Something something happens Rahul, you won't understand
# 10
Kabhi kabhi aisa kyun hota hai ... ki paraye bhi apne lagne lagte hain
Why is it that sometimes ... even strangers feel like family
# 11
Sahi aur galat ke beech faisla karna bahut aasaan hai ... lekin do sahi raasto mein se behtar chunana aur do galat raasto mein se munasif ... yahi hamari zindagi ke faisle karte hai
It's easy to choose between right and wrong ... but to choose the better of two right paths and the worse of two wrong paths ... these things make the decisions of our lives
# 12
Daulat se insaan keemti bistar khareed sakta hai, magar neend nahi khareed sakta ... daulat se insaan roti khareed sakta hai, magar bhook nahi ... daulat se insaan jism khareed sakta hai, magar sacha pyar nahi khareed sakta
With money a person can buy an expensive bed, but he can't buy sleep ... with money a person can buy bread, but he can't buy hunger ... with money a person can buy a body, but he can't buy true love
# 13
Zakhm bhar bhi jaye ... magar nishaan baki reh jaate hai
Even if the wounds fill up ... the marks stay over
# 14
Ek da vada dil aur duje de vade vade bill
One has a big heart and other has big big bills
# 15
Kabhi kabhi ek aadmi ka sahi ... doosre ka galat ho sakta hai
Sometimes the rightness of one person ... can become the wrongness of another
# 16
Dukh chupane ke kamaal ko hassi kehte hai
A magical way of hiding sorrow is called laughter
# 17
Bade mazaaki ho ... bade mazaaki ho
You are very jovial ... you are very jovial
# 18
Jis aadmi ka dil achcha na ho ... uspar kuch achcha nahi lagta
One who does not have a clean heart ... nothing looks good on him
# 19
Kisi aur ko badalne ke liye ... khud ko badalna zaroori hota hai
To change someone ... it's important that we ourselves change
# 20
Vade log vadi vadi baatein
Big people big big talks
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