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Ali Zafar

# 1

Pyar agar pant hai toh dosti chaddi hai ... pant agar phat bhi jaye toh chaddi izzat bachati hai

If love is the pant then friendship is the underwear ... even if the pant rips off then the underwear saves the humiliation
# 2

Buddies you are my chaddies

Buddies you are my shorts
# 3

When I am good I am good ... when I am bad I am even better

When I am good I am good ... when I am bad I am even better
# 4

What Raniji can't ... I can!

What Raniji can't ... I can!
# 5

Ladki aadmi ko ganne se gudh bana deti hai

A woman turns a man from sugarcane into jaggery
# 6

Dil, dimaag aur body mein fight chal raha hai

There is a fight going on between the heart, mind and body
# 7

Yeh hoti hai asli ladki ... chutki mein Bipasha, chutki mein Madhubala

This is a real girl ... she is Bipasha in a flash, and she is Madhubala in a flash
# 8

UP aaye aur sala bhang nahi piya toh kya khaakh UP aaye

If you've come to Uttar Pradesh and haven't had bhang, then you haven't really come to Uttar Pradesh
# 9

Kissing handshake se zyada hygienic hai

Kissing is more hygienic than a handshake
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