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Saira Banu

# 1

Kuch cheezein aaisi hoti hai, jinhe jitna door hatao ... utna hi kareeb aati hai

There are a few things that, the more you push them away ... they come that much closer
# 2

Is duniya mein na koi pooch ke aaya hai ... aur na koi pooch ke jayega

No one has come in this world by asking ... and neither will anyone ask and go
# 3

Hum toh chamatkar ko namaskar karte hai

I salute to magic
# 4

Yahan maa baap ke liye aulad sab kuch hai ... aur aulad ke liye maa baap?

Here for the parents the offspring is everything ... and for the offspring the parents?
# 5

Qatta kijiye na taluk humse ... kuch nahi hai toh adawat hi sahi

I can stay for life with my worst enemy ... but I can't stay for a moment with a moron
# 6

Mohabbat mein sawaal nahi kiye jaate

You shouldn't ask questions in love
# 7

Makkhiyon ki aadat hi aisi hoti hai ... jitni baar udao, phir aa jaati hai

Mosquitos have an habit such that ... no matter how many times you fly them away, they come back
# 8

Mohabbat jisse ek baar gale lagale ... usse juda karte hue maut ke haath bhi kaanp jaate hai

Once love hugs someone ... then even the hands of death shiver to separate them
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