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# 1

Paise ... aaise kaise paise maang rahe ho?

Money ... what money are you asking for?
# 2

Hum ladta nahi, ladwata hai ... hum karta nahi, karwata hai ... hum maarta nahi, marwata hai

I don't fight, I make others fight ... I don't do things, I make others do ... I don't kill, I get others killed
# 3

Tum log itna itna sa the talaab mein nange nahate the ... hum pakadkar bahar nikaalte the ... ab toh tum poore James Bond ho gaye ... saand ke saand ho gaye

You guys were so small and you used to bath naked in the pond ... and I used to catch you guys and take you out ... now you've become completely like James Bond ... infact you've become bulls
# 4

Gaon mein hafte mein log bazaar lene aate hai ... yahan bazaar mein hafta lene aate hai

In the village people go once a week to buy from the market ... but here they come to the market to collect the weekly money
# 5

Laundiya bhi garam hai aur malai ki tarah naram hai

The girl is hot and soft as cream
# 6

Doodh pani ka yeh milan, Ganga Jamuna sangam ... agar Allahabad ke baad milega toh yahin milega

The mixture of milk and water, like that of Ganga Jamuna ... you'll get only here after Allahabad
# 7

Dulhan wohi joh piya mann bhaye ... aur dahej lekar aaye

A bride should be one who is loved by her groom ... and one who brings dowry with her
# 8

Mehnat se mile daulat toh Allah ki rehmat hai ... mile haraam ki toh shaitan ki laanat hai ... peeth par maarkar apno ke khanjar joh mile daulat ... arre woh laanat hai, woh laanat hai, woh laanat hai

If you earn money by hardwork then it's a blessing of Allah ... if you get it for free then it's a curse from the devil ... if you get money by stabbing your dear ones on the back with a knife ... then it's a curse, it's a curse, it's a curse
# 9

Nari gyan maha gyan hai ... iske bina sare gyan adhoore reh jaate hai ... is liye har mard ko chahiye ki is gyan ka poora poora adhyaan kare

A woman is knowledge, major knowledge ... without her all other knowledges remain incomplete ... that's why every man should study about this knowledge completely
# 10

Pehla bacha abhi nahi ... do ke baad kabhi nahi

Not now for the first child ... and after two nothing
# 11

Tanki mein nahin tel ... toh bade se bada engineer fail

If you don't have oil in the car tank ... then even the biggest engineer is a fail
# 12

Jis manushya ka bank mein bahut rupaiya ho uske hridhay mein bhagwan hote hi nahi hai ... uske hridhay mein toh noton ki gaddiyan hoti hai jinse woh kabaddiyan khelta hai

A person who has a lot of money in his bank doesn't have god in his heart ... instead he has bundles of cash in his heart with which he plays kabaddi
# 13

Ek se bhale do, do se bhale chaar ... manzil apni door hai, aur rasta karna hai paar

Two are better than one, four are better than two ... our destination is far, and we have to travel the road
# 14

Blessing in disguise ... makes man healthy, wealthy and wise

Blessing in disguise ... makes man healthy, wealthy and wise
# 15

Is ghar ko aag lag gayi ghar ke chirag se ... baat teri meri ban gayi tere dimaag se

The child of this house has put this house on fire ... our work is done using your mind
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