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Release Year - 1996
# 1
Shukriyada karne se ehsaan khatam ho jata hai ... aur agar ehsaan khatam ho jaaye toh dosti kaise shuru hogi
By thanking the favour ends ... and if the favour ends then how will the friendship start
# 2
Maut ke saath sirf zindagi khatam hoti hai ... mohabbat nahi
Only life ends with death ... not love
# 3
Koi bhi insaan paidaishi mujrim nahi hota ... ya toh banaya jaata hai, ya phir ban jaata hai
No person is a born criminal ... he either is made into one, or he becomes one
# 4
Maut toh muft mein badnaam hai ... jaan toh zindagi leti hai
Death is defamed uselessly ... life is the one that kills
# 5
Main tumhari maut bankar aaya tha ... lekin tum meri zindagi ban gayi
I had come as your death ... but you became my life
# 6
Dil sirf dhadakne ki bhasha jaanta hai ... usse yeh nahi pata hota woh kyun dhadak raha hai ... kiske liye dhadak raha hai
The heart only knows the language of beating ... it doesn't know why is it beating ... and for whom is it beating
# 7
Joh apne aap se ladta hai ... woh hamesha haar jaata hai
The one who fights with himself ... always loses
# 8
Jab bade, bade na rahe ... toh bachchon ko bada banna padta hai
When elders are no more elders ... then the kids have to grow up
# 9
Seene mein jis raftaar se goli utarti hai ... usse zyada raftaar se pyar
The speed at which a bullet enters the heart ... love enters at a much faster speed
# 10
Goli ka koi imaan nahi hota ... woh yeh nahi dekhti ki jis seene mein woh ghus rahi hai ... woh seena kiska hai
A bullet has no faith ... it doesn't see that the body that it's entering ... whose body is that
# 11
Yeh dastarkhwan ek aaisi jagah hai ... jahan do insaan saath baithkar rotiyan todhte hai aur dil jodhte hai
The dining table is such a place ... where two people sit together, break the bread and connect the hearts
# 12
Zakhm ko zakhm nahi samajhna bahaduri nahi ... bewakoofi hoti hai
Not considering a wound as a wound isn't courage ... it's foolishness
# 13
Zindagi bhar zillat ke tukdon par palte palte hamari haalat us apahij ki tarah ho gayi hai ... jiske paas chalne ke liye baisakhi toh hai ... par usse pakadne ke liye haath nahi
After living our entire life on the pieces of humiliation our condition has become like that of a handicap person ... who has the crutches to walk ... but he doesn't have the hands to hold them
# 14
Jab aurat baazi khelti hai toh uske haath mein jitne patte hote hai na ... utne hi uski aasteen mein
When a woman plays a game then the number of cards she has in her hand ... she has that many up her sleeve as well
# 15
Agar jurm ko khatam karna hai toh mujrim ko berahami se foran khatam kar dena chahiye ... I believe in bullet for bullet
If you want to end crime then you should ruthlessly kill the criminal right away ... I believe in bullet for bullet
# 16
Hindustan ke fauladi bazoo zung nahi khate
The Indian hands of steel never get rusted
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