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Milenge Milenge

Release Year - 2010
# 1

Ek baap ki zindagi mein khushiyon ka mauka sirf do baar aata hai ... pehli baar toh tab jab uska beta zindagi ke farsh par pehli bar bina kisi sahare ke kadam rakhta hai ... aur doosra tab jab wahi beta bada hokar apni shaadi shudha zindagi mein apna pehla kadam rakhta hai

In a father's life this moment of happiness comes only twice ... first when his son walks on the floor of life for the first time without any support ... and second when the same son grows up and takes his first step into his married life
# 2

Do log tabhi milte hai jab destiny unko milvana chahti hai

Two people only meet when destiny wants them to meet
# 3

Agar tum destiny ko maanti ho toh yeh ittefaq ho nahi sakta ... aur agar yeh ittefaq hai toh main yeh chahunga ke aaisa khubsoorat ittefaq mere saath roz ho

If you believe in destiny then this can't be a coincidence ... and if this is a coincidence then I would want that such a coincidence should happen with me everyday
# 4

Tumne destiny ko test kiya hai ... ab destiny tumhe test kar rahi hai

You have tested destiny ... now destiny is testing you
# 5

Agar sunne waala achcha ho ... toh mooh se achchi baatein apne aap nikalti hai

If the person listening is good ... then good words come out from the mouth by itself
# 6

Taqdeer se badkar hai vishvas ... kyun ki agar insaan mein vishvas ho toh woh apni taqdeer ko badal sakta hai

Belief is bigger than destiny ... because if a person has belief in him then he can change his destiny
# 7

Yeh body hai na ek temple hai ... isse hamesha saaf rakhna chahiye

This body is a temple ... you should always keep it clean
# 8

Abbe kya rakha hai in baaton mein ... khurpa lele haathon mein

There is nothing in these talks ... take a cooking spoon in your hands
# 9

Tum dono haddiyon mein main kabab nahi banna chahti

I don't want to become a kabab in between you two bones
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