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The Train (2007)

Release Year - 2007
# 1
Kuch zakhm aaise hote hai joh bhar toh jaate hai ... lekin zindagi bhar ek nishaan banke reh jaate hai
Some wounds are such that they do heal ... but they remain as a mark for life
# 2
Shaadi ke baad toh ajnabi apne ban jaate hai ... aur apne ajnabi
After marriage strangers become our dear ones ... and our dear ones become strangers
# 3
Chance diya nahi jaata ... chance liya jaata hai
You don't give a chance ... you take a chance
# 4
Yahan pe baat boli se nahi ... goli se chalti hai re
Here you don't say things with your mouth ... you say them with a bullet
# 5
Zindagi mein cool hone ke liye ... namakool hona chahiye re
To be cool in life ... you have to be useless
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