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Release Year - 2014
# 1

Don't fear come near ... put my jawani ka scooter in third gear

Don't fear come near ... put the scooter of my youth in third gear
# 2

Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye ... toh mere bachche ka baap ban jaye

If someone like you comes in my life ... then he will become the father of my child
# 3

Tumhare vital stats kya hai?

What are your vital statistics?
# 4

Hum pagal nahi hai ... hamara dimaag kharab hai

We are not mad ... it's just that our mind is crazy
# 5

Ram banaye jodi ... gadhe ko mil gayi ghodi

God makes the pairs ... and the donkey got the mare
# 6

Keeda makoda ... bin tel ka pakoda!

You pest ... you fritter made without oil!
# 7

Kya house hai, kya blouse hai, kya aapka koi spouse hai?

What a house, what a blouse, do you have a spouse?
# 8

Is duniya mein sirf do cheezein famous hai ... Bruce Lee ka karate aur Ashok Kumar ke parathe

There are only two things famous in this world ... the karate of Bruce Lee and flatbreads made by Ashok Kumar
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