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Release Year - 2014
# 1

Raah chalte buddu banate hai dost ... cold drink bolke daru pilate hai dost ... girlfriend bolke auntyon se milwaate hai dost ... kitne bhi kamine ho, par yaad bahut aate hai dost

Friends make fun of you anytime ... friends make you drink alcohol saying it's a cold drink ... friends make you meet with aunties saying she is their girlfriend ... but no matter how bad they are, you remember them a lot
# 2

Zindagi mein sabse badi khushi tab milti hai ... jab aapki country ka flag shaan se lehra raha hota hai

In life you get the most happiness ... when you see the flag of your country flying high
# 3

Yeh besabar dil toh khud nahi jaanta ... ki tujhe kitna chahta hai

This impatient heart himself doesn't know ... how much it loves you
# 4

A for apple, B for bade apple, C for chote apple, D for doosron ke apple

A for apple, B for big apple, C for compact apple, D for a different persons apple
# 5

Life mein hamesha wahi nahi jeetta joh zyada taqatwar hota hai ... balki woh jeetta hai jiski jeet se doosro ka bhala ho ... Hitler haar gaya tha aur Gandhiji jeet gaye the ... so darro mat lado aur jeetto

A strong person doesn't win every time in life ... instead victory belongs to the person who helps others ... Hitler had lost and Gandhi had won ... so don't be scared, fight and win
# 6

Prince charming milne se pehle ... bahut saare mendako ko kiss karna padta hai

Before you find your prince charming ... you have to kiss a lot of frogs
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