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Namak Halaal

Release Year - 1982
# 1
Paapi ko mat maaro ... paapi ke dil ke andhar joh shaitaan behta hua hai, usse maaro
Don't kill the sinful ... kill the devil that is sitting inside the heart of the sinful
# 2
Bhai bahut badiyan, bahut badiyan, bahut badiyan!
Very good brother, very good, very good!
# 3
I can talk english, I can walk english, I can laugh english ... because english is a very funny language
I can talk english, I can walk english, I can laugh english ... because english is a very funny language
# 4
Yeh prem rog hai ... shuru mein dukh deta hai ... bad mein bahut dukh deta hai
This is the disease of love ... in the start it gives sorrow ... and later it gives a lot of sorrow
# 5
Kamre tak chhodne waale kabhi kabhi kamre ke andhar tak aa jaate hai
People who drop someone to the room sometimes come inside the room
# 6
Is duniya mein rehna hai ... toh judaai ki aadat dalni hi padti hai
If you want to live in this world ... then be habitual of being separated
# 7
Is umar mein toh mann mein masti hoti hai, dil mein ek tarang hoti hai aur seene mein armaan hote hai ... tujhe kuch nahi hota?
In this age there is mischief in the heart, there is thrill in the heart and there are wishes in the heart ... nothing happens to you?
# 8
Kabhi kabhi khushi ke khatir gham ko gale lagana padhta hai
Sometimes for the sake of happiness one has to hug sadness
# 9
Naari ka doosra naam seva hi toh hai
The other name for a woman is service
# 10
Lagta hai tumhara napaak khoon mere hi haathon hona likha hai
Looks like your unholy murder is destined to happen by my hands
# 11
Joh darwaaze pehle se hi khule hoon ... woh khat-khataye nahi jaate
Doors that are already open ... are not supposed to be knocked
# 12
Is duniya mein insaan do baar janam leta hai ... ek baar maa ki kok se pehda hokar ghar aata hai ... aur doosri baar ghar se nikalkar duniya mein jaata hai
In this world a person is born twice ... once when he comes home after he is born from his mothers womb ... and second when he steps out of the house and goes into the world
# 13
Palne waala pehda karne waala se kahin uncha hota hai ... maa toh sirf janam deti hai na ... lekin zindagi deti hai palne waali
The one who nurtures is much bigger than the one who gives birth ... a mother only gives birth ... but the one who nurtures gives life
# 14
Joh talwar se nahi marte ... woh pyar se marr jaate hai
Those who don't die with a sword ... they die with love
# 15
Aaisi choti aur ghatiya baat karke aap hamare samne chote aur ghatiya nazar aane lage hai
By saying such cheap and gross things, you look cheap and gross to me
# 16
Ab tak tune meri namak halaali dekhi hai ... ab meri namak haraami dekhna
Up until now you have seen my faithfulness ... now you see my unfaithfulness
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