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Release Year - 1965
# 1

Musibat aur zindagi ka kehte hai chitta tak ka saath rehta hai

It is said that problems and life stay together until you die
# 2

Na sukh hai, na dukh hai, na deen hai, na duniya, na insaan, na bhagwan ... sirf main hoon, main hoon, main hoon, main ... sirf main

There is no joy, no grief, no pity, no world, no human, no God ... only I am there, I am there, I am there, me ... only me
# 3

Lagta hai aaj har ichcha poori hogi ... par mazaa dekho ... aaj koi ichcha hi nahi rahi

Feels like all my wishes will be fulfilled today ... but the fun is ... today I don't have any wishes left
# 4

Jab matlab se pyar hota hai ... toh pyar se matlab nahi rehta

When you love only for a reason ... then there is no reason for love
# 5

Jis jagah ko dekh kar parmatma ki yaad aaye ... woh tirth kehlata hai ... aur jis aadmi ke darshan se parmatma mein bhakti jage ... woh Mahatma kehlata hai

The sight of a place that reminds you of the supreme soul ... is called a pilgrimage ... and the sight of the man which raises devotion in the supreme soul ... that man is called a Mahatma
# 6

Maut ek khayal hai jaise zindagi ek khayal hai

Death is a thought just like life is a thought
# 7

Joh aadmi apne naseeb ko kosta rehta hai ... uska naseeb bhi usko kosne lagte hai

A person who keeps cursing about his destiny ... his destiny also starts to curse him
# 8

Dukh woh amrit hai jisse paap dhulte hai

Grief is that holy water with which sins get washed
# 9

Kaam uska, naam tera

His work, your name
# 10

Yaad mein nasha karta hoon aur nashe mein yaad karta hoon

I drink when I remember you and I remember you when I am drunk
# 11

In logon ko mujhpe vishwas hai ... aur ab mujhe inke vishwas pe vishwas hone laga hai

These people believe in me ... and now I have started to believe in their belief
# 12

Main zubaan se lafzon ki tasveer khenchta hoon ... atith toh sab dikhate hai, main kabhi kabhi bhavishya bhi dikhata hoon

I can take a picture of words from my mouth ... everyone can show the past, but sometimes I show the future as well
# 13

Gandi naali se nikla hua pani ... kabhi Gangajal nahi ban sakta

Water from the dirty gutter ... can never become the holy water from the river Ganges
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