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Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Release Year - 1999
# 1

Agar tum mujhe yun hi dekhti rahi ... toh tumhe mujhse pyar ho jayega

If you keep looking at me like this only ... then you will fall in love with me
# 2

Sameer hawa ka jhoka

Sameer a gust of air
# 3

Kabhi kabhi insaan kuch nahi kehkar bhi ... sab kuch keh deta hai

Sometimes a person without saying anything ... says everything
# 4

Chahane aur haasil karne mein bahut phark hai ... pyar sirf haasil karna nahi ... pyar dene ka naam hai

There is big difference between wanting and getting something ... love is not only about getting ... love is also about giving
# 5

Uski ek muskurahat mere saare gham mitta degi

Her one smile will erase all my sadness
# 6

Pyar apni khushi mein nahi ... balki jinhe tum pyar karte ho, unki khushi mein hai

Love is not in our own happiness ... instead it is in the happiness of the people you love
# 7

Qurbani hi sachche pyar ka aadhaar hai

Sacrifice is the cornerstone of true love
# 8

Shaadi sirf jism ka rishta nahi hai ... mann ka milan hai, aatma ka rishta hai

Marriage is not only a relationship of the body ... it is the union of the heart and the relationship of the soul
# 9

Jhoota gale se gaata hai, bhooka pet se gaata hai ... lekin sachcha dil se gaata hai

A liar sings from the throat, a hungry person sings from the stomach ... but a honest person sings from the heart
# 10

Bhangi nakhu, todi nakhu, bhukko kari nakhu

I'll hit you, break you, crush you out
# 11

Beti toh hoti hi hai patang ki tarah ... shaadi ke pehle apne chatt par udhti hai ... aur shaadi ke baad dor kisi aur ke haath mein

A daughter is just like a kite ... before marriage she flies on her terrace ... and after marriage her string goes into someone else's hand
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