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Dongri Ka Raja

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Hamara dhande ka usool hai ... daudte hue ghode par baazi lagao ... agar ghoda langda ho jaaye toh usse goli maar do
It's the policy of our business ... bet on a horse who is already running ... if the horse becomes lame, then shoot him
# 2
Joh haan bole usse chhod deta hoon ... joh na bole usse todh deta hoon
Those who say yes, I leave them alone ... and those who say no, I break them apart
# 3
Aankhen band karoon toh us hi ka chehra ... aankhen kholon toh us hi ka khayal ... raat raat bhar karvatein badalkar jaagta raha ... tabhi toh bana gaya hai tera yeh haal
When I close my eyes, I only see her face ... when I open my eyes, I'm only thinking about her ... all night long I was awake twisting and turning ... that's why your condition is like this
# 4
Jabse tune yeh haath thaama hai, sambhal gaya hoon ... bas ab yeh haath mat chhodna, kisak jaaonga
Since you've held this hand, I've stabilized ... now just don't leave this hand, or else I'll go rogue
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