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Release Year - 2007
# 1

Pyar bhi bahut pyara hota hai

Love is very loveable
# 2

Yeh sharif log bahut badmash hote hai ... sharafat ki zubaan nahi samajhte hai

These honest people are very rogue ... they don't understand the language of honesty
# 3

Yeh aankhen nahi camera hai ... aur is camere ne aapke andhar ke kalakar ko pechaan liya hai

These are not eyes they are a camera ... and this camera has recognized the artist inside you
# 4

Burai kitni bhi badhi kyun na ho ... achchai ke samne bahut choti lagti hai

No matter how big evil gets ... it still looks very small in front of goodness
# 5

Agar yeh aasoon nahi ruke na ... toh is shehar mein tsunami aa jayega

If these tears don't stop ... then there will be a tsunami in this city
# 6

Koyle ko kitna bhi dho lo ... Surf se, Nirma se, Rin se ... woh hamesha kaala ka kaala hi rehta hai

No matter how much you wash a piece of charcoal ... with Surf, with Nirma, with Rin ... it always remains black
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