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Release Year - 2009
# 1
Dekhunga yeh khula aasman doobara kabhi socha na tha ... maan jayega mera rootha khuda kabhi socha na tha ... gham mein bahut roya ab talak ghalib ... khushi se ro padunga ek din kabhi socha na tha
I had never thought that I'll see the open skies again ... I had never thought that my unhappy god will be happy with me ... until now this poet has cried a lot in sadness ... I had never thought that one day I would cry in happiness
# 2
Sapno ko bikharte dekha hai yahan ... umeedo ko simatte dekha hai yahan ... suna hai yahan bighade huon ko sudharte hai ... magar sudhre hue ko bighadte dekha hai yahan
I've seen dreams scatter here ... I've seen hopes shrink here ... I've heard that here they turn the bad guys into good ones ... but I've seen the good ones turning into bad guys here
# 3
Dushman ko bhi jail ki zindagi mile na kabhi ... ja tujhe zindagi mubarak, hum bhi niklenge kabhi na kabhi
Even the enemy should never have to live a life in jail ... go on may you have a happy life, even I'll come out someday or the other
# 4
Politics ka bukhaar bura hota hai, kursi ka khumaar bura hota hai ... is desh ke netaon se bachke rehna doston, in logon ka toh pyar bhi bura hota hai
The fever of politics is bad, the intoxication of a position is bad ... friends beware of the politicians of this country, since even their love is bad
# 5
Nahalo, dholo, nikalo kitna bhi mail badan ka ... phir bhi na nikle mail badan ka, kyun ki yeh pani hai jail ka
Take a bath, wash it, no matter how much dirt you remove from your body ... but still the dirt won't come out since this water is from a jail
# 6
Aaj se har saans aapki ghulam hogi, har pal aapko salaam hoga ... niklega jab dum mera, toh zuban pe bas aap hi ka naam hoga
From today every breath will be your slave, every moment will salute you ... whenever I'm about to die, then only your name will be in my words
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