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C Kkompany

Release Year - 2008
# 1
Pyar paise se khareeda nahi ja sakta barabar hai ... magar iske upar kharcha bahut hai
It's true that love can't be bought with money ... but you spend a lot on it
# 2
Tum jaise log na shaadi se pehle maine pyar kiya ... aur shaadi ki baat aayi toh yeh maine kya kiya
People like you say I love you before marriage ... and when it comes to marriage then you say what have I done
# 3
Hamara art of living ka class ... matlab daru ka khamba aur teen glass
Our art of living class ... means a bottle of alcohol and three glasses
# 4
Mera beta TV ke daily soap ki tarah hai ... har din dukh, dard aur taqleef ki guarantee
My son is like the daily TV soap ... he guarantees sorrow, pain and distress everyday
# 5
Aaj phir jalwa, phir party ... sharaab, kabab aur hum aap
Today again we'll have fun and party ... with alcohol, meat skewers and you and me
# 6
Zindagi mein kuch cheezein haasil karne ke liye sahi ya galat dekh ke nahi ki jaati ... balki waqt aur halaat dekh ke ki jaati hai
In life to achieve certain things you don't look to see if it's right or wrong ... instead you look to see the time and the situation
# 7
Haath pair mein dum nahi ... lekin hum kisi se kam nahi
We may not have power in our hands and feets ... but we are not less than anyone
# 8
Taqat umar ya kadh mein nahi ... irradon mein hoti hai
Power doesn't exists in age and height ... but it exists intentions
# 9
Agar chain se sona hai toh jaag jaiye!
If you want to sleep peacefully then wake up!
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