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Politics Dialogues

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# 1
Kamata hoon Dirham mein lekin kharachta hoon rupai mein ... khata hoon inki lekin sunta hoon sirf Modi ji ki
I earn money in Dirhams but I spend in Rupees ... I take money from these guys but I only listen to Narendra Modi
# 2
Power pehda karen hum log ... aur button dede un logo ke haath mein?
We create the power ... and we should give the button to them?
# 3
Rajneeti mein murde kabhi gaade nahin jaate ... unhe zinda rakha jaata hai ... taki time aane par woh bole
In politics, the dead are never buried ... they are kept alive ... so that when the time comes, they can speak
# 4
Rajneeti note chaapne ki machine hai
Politics is a machine to print money
# 5
Jaan lena jurm hai ... sahi samay pe jaan lena ... raajneeti
It is a crime to take a life ... but to take a life at the right moment is ... politics
# 6
Ab saare neta log hawala ke chakkar mein hawalat ke chakkar khayenge
Now all politicians will be imprisoned because of money laundering
# 7
Rajneeti ke vachan samay ki zaroorat dekhkar diye jaate hai ... aur ussi tarah samay ki zaroorat dekhkar todh diye jaate hai
The promises in politics are given according to the needs of time ... and just like that they are broken according to the needs of time
# 8
Army mein rehkar ya politician bankar hi desh ki seva ki jaye ... yeh zaroori nahi hai
It is not necessary that ... you can only serve the country by being in the army or by becoming a politician
# 9
Politics ek gutter hai!
Politics is a gutter!
# 10
Yeh joh vote hai na yeh kagaz ka tukda nahi hai ... ki dabbe mein daala aur chal diye ... yeh vote tumhare parivar, tumhare desh, uski unnati ki parchi hai ... yeh toh do dhaari talwar hai joh dono taraf se kaatti hai ... theek jagah pade toh desh khushal aur galat jagah pade toh desh ka satyanash
A vote is not a piece of paper ... that you put in a box and move on ... a vote is a paper for the betterment of your family, your country ... it's a double edged sword which cuts from both sides ... if it falls in the right place then the country is happy and if it falls in the wrong place then the country is destroyed
# 11
Balwan ko aur balwan karo ... isse chalaaki nahi, rajneeti kehte hai
Make the strong ones even stronger ... this is called as politics and not cunningness
# 12
Raajneeti mein hamesha jeet ko maan milta hai
Victory always gets the respect in politics
# 13
Bahut kursi kursi karta hai na tu ... is baar tujhe aisi jagah marenge ... ki jitni baar kursi pe behtega hum mein yaad karega
You are always talking about the power of the chair ... this time we will hit you in such a place ... that every time you sit on a chair you will remember us
# 14
Minister log mere peeche aur police log mere jeb mein rehte hain
Ministers are behind me and police is in my pocket
# 15
Tum jaise neta randiyon se bhi bhattar hote hai ... woh bhi itni jaldi apne dalle nahi badalti ... jitni jaldi tum log apni party badal lete ho
Politicians like you are worse than prostitutes ... they also don't change their pimps so frequently ... as frequently as you people change your party
# 16
Khoon ki holi aap jaise politicians khelte hain ... police nahin
Politicians like you play with blood ... not the police
# 17
Yeh Delhi bas mooh hai is liye batar-batar karti rehti hai ... yeh karna hai, yeh hona chahiye, hum mein dikhana hai ... bas dil ko tasalli dene ke liye achcha lafz hai Delhi
Delhi has a mouth and hence it keeps on talking ... we have to do this, this should be done, we have to show that ... Delhi is simply a good word to make your heart feel satisfied
# 18
Bandook ki taqat se kahi badi rajneetik taqat hai
Political power is bigger than the power of the gun
# 19
Zara soongh ke batao Mantriji nashta mein ka khaye hai
Please smell and tell me what the Minister has had for breakfast
# 20
Mere peeche itne siyaasi haath hain ... jitne aapke sar pe baal bhi nahin honge
I have so many political hands behind me ... that you donít even have that many hairs on your head
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